Monday, October 19, 2009

Whispering Your Name

Starting in December, over the holidays, I've been getting many gifts. Often spontaneous gifts that floor me.

I've been handed or mailed mixed CDs. Compact discs full of songs lovingly compiled by friends.

Two of them ended with the exact same song, and neither of the giver/music mixer know each other.

The first time I received this song in a mix CD, it was from my favorite Ambassador. He handed it to me, along with a myriad of other goodies, when we met-up in South Carolina in June for a much needed friends' get-away.

The next time I got it was when a dear high school buddy, who I lost contact with (which was completely and totally my loss), reconnected with me and invited me to this summer's Depeche Mode concert. As I jumped into the car with him and his friends he handed me a two-CD mix, also ending with this song.

And funny thing? I didn't own this song before this summer. Which is probably a crime for any Yaz fan.

Alison Moyet, Whispering Your Name.

Music Monday at Soccer Mom in Denial

Did friends "give" you a song that you fell in love with? Who was it? What was the song?