Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Birthday, Happiness

Dear Darling Daughter,

You were wearing a new dress the other day paired with gold high-top sneakers.   You loved how you looked and strutted with confidence. We walked by several girls we knew and one of them yelled out "you look nice in that dress!"  You said a genuine "thank you" in reply and kept walking towards our car.

The exchange gnawed at me for 10-15 minutes until I finally couldn't take it.

"Do you think she was sincere?" I asked while driving.

Those girls have been mean to you, off and on, for several years.  While this one girl seemed genuine with her compliment, the others appeared to be smirking and hiding their faces during the exchange.

You shrugged.  "I don't care if it was or not.  I don't let them bother me."

Honestly I, and many other adults I know, need your assurance, bravery and cavalier outlook.  You have a confidence that just floors me.

Your pediatrician has often said that you are going to be fine as an adult, that we just have to get you through the teen years.

I'm starting to think you're going to be just fine as a teenager too.

Happy Birthday to you, my teenage daughter.  I think 13 is going to be a lucky year for you.

I love you,