Tuesday, December 19, 2006

One of those Commandments

Thou shall not steal. Especially times two.

After church on Sunday my husband charges up to me. "Did you buy the boys gum?" with a panicked intensity that seemed pretty silly.

"No. We don't let them chew gum. Why would I buy it?"

One of our guys had orange gum in his coat pocket. The packet was still in its clear wrapper. Now, if it was mint gum I would have thought he may have pilfered one of my packets. I've been known to buy gum from time to time. However, I don't like orange gum.

After standing like a kid with his hand in the cookie jar, he admitted that he took the gum from a little convenience store. I couldn't believe my kid would steal from someone else. I trooped both boys into the store and they handed the pack over the counter. They had to apologize. The guy behind the counter said it wasn't a big deal and they could have it.

Thanks for helping with the big life lesson.

I declined his offer.

Later in the day, while goofing around in their room, I found another pack of gum still in the wrapper in the other guy's bed. He never admitted to having his own pack.

Back to the store we went. This time, the owner was behind the counter and was incredulous we returned it. Then he got that he was part of a life lesson and went into stern don't-do-it-again mode. A customer waiting to buy a lottery ticket pitched in with "Oh NO! And with Santa coming? How could you?" My little guy was so mortified he looked like he would melt right there.

Much better.


Jenn said...

I was caught stealing at an Ames (yes, white trash Ames) when I was about 12 with my best friend. We had nothing better to do and it was fairly entertaining to see how much we could get away with.

Pillar candles and $50 worth of makeup must have been to much. They rounded us up and made us take a police car to the station and had our parents get us!

My mom didn't ground me or even yell at me. She didn't even say my friend couldn't come over for a while.

The absolute embarassment cured me. I went home and threw everything I ever stole in the trash.

Kate said...

Funny! I love how we all rely on the "Santa" scare tactic this time of year. How about just being good for no reason other than to be good the other 364 days of the year. And that's the real lesson you're boys learned from the guy behind the counter.