Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The ugly truth

It is with a heavy heart that I report something I learned while visiting Jenn and Fourier Analyst. It is just tragic. Something so sad yet must be exposed.

They are both liars.

Bold faced liars.

Now don't get me wrong. Fourier Analyst is truly one of the most generous people you will ever, ever meet. The woman offered to hang out with me in an airport for hours, with gifts in tow for my family, while I waited for my return flight. Jenn opened her home to a "blogging friend" which is really code for a complete stranger. With both of them we would talk for hours and I would feel like we had barely started.

And their families. They both have the families they write about. And those "d" in front of husband and daughters for FA are truly darling. The girls have smiles that will melt you on the spot and FA's DH was incredibly flexible as we kept her "for just a few more hours".

Jenn's family? Little man Andrew would point to me as we left and ask "is that girl coming back too?" It was his nice way of saying "does she HAVE to come back?" but he was too courteous to be so blunt. The older two were beyond kind to share their floor of the house with me. And could Don have been more flexible? We would leave for the entire day then come back and drink wine.

So how do they lie?

They have us feeling sorry for them because they write that winter is really hard in The Netherlands. I've been reading about viscious winds that push them off of bikes. Horrid cold that feels, well, horrible.

When I arrived in The Netherlands on Friday, the sky was crystal clear blue and the temperature was in the 60's.

It stayed that way, for the entire weekend. On Sunday we went to the beach and please note that people are walking around without hats, some without coats - there were even some children who were so giddy they were running around in the sand in their underwear.

But these folks were in the North Sea. In February.

So don't believe Jenn or Fourier Analyst. The Netherlands is very warm and comfortable in the winter. It saddens me to be the one but someone had to expose them for the liars they really are.


Thalia's Child said...

Awesome! I can now go off and write 'poor me' posts about the 2.5 feet of snow I swept off my car today and know that I win at crappy winter! Yay!!!

Anonymous said...


And really that's all I can say about that.

Off to look for Looking Into pictures. :)

Flower Child said...

Ha! Exposed!

Brillig said...

Ha! And they both seem like such honest, genuine people. Those little stinkers... they really had me duped. Glad we've got you to set us straight.

Jenn in Holland said...


We are socked in under fog this morning, and the temperature has dropped by 10. It's not windy, I will give it that, but it IS COLD AND GRAAAAAAAY!

(ain't no sunshine when you're gone baby)

Anonymous said...

It was -4C last night and outside is misty you can't see a thing. What people forget to tell you is that weather in the Netherlands is erratic like a woman having her pre-menstrual syndrome. Last week we experienced unprecedented warm weather (they blame global warming) for just a few days. It just happened you were in town during this 'spring weather glitch' as it is now back to real winter cold land. And yes, its always cold, windy, and rainy here. Don't just visit, live here and you will curse everyday.

Fourier Analyst said...

I've got a country full of folks to back us up, and their neighbors as well, who all grumble that their bad weather "comes from the Netherlands". And of course you failed to point out that I had to scrape ice off the car windscreen before I could come see you at the airport. You know the sun shines at the North Pole sometimes too!! And while yesterday eased us into your absence with slowly growing cloud cover, today the clouds are now sitting on the ground, oozing their moisture into every nook and cranny so that when the temperature drops below 0 degrees C tonight everything will be guaranteed to freeze solid. (See Jenn, I told you she was gonna think we were liars!)

BTW, did you know that Jenn got new boots? Be sure and ask her about them!!

Luisa Perkins said...

Oh, it sounds like you had a lovely time! (Commenting from the middle of an ice storm in NY.) What fun!

Heather said...

You know, even their comments are not helping their case. Not when I'm sitting in 4 degree weather (warm for lately, actually).

good for you for exposing them.

chelle said...

hehehe this is hard core journalism .. exposing the hard facts!

Looks like a fabulous place to experience!

Goofball said...

and now you're gone and it's fog fog fog here!

you could also say how wonderful they are to move heaven and earth to give you a nice weekend rather than our usual crappy weekends :).

Hope you enjoyed it. I also enjoyed posting some wonderful bragging pictures about the weather on my blog.

Jenn said...


Glad you had nice weather.

Mary Beth said...

What gorgeous pictures! I'm glad someone is on top of the blatant dishonesty running rampant through these blogs:)

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

LOL... maybe they lied so the entire internet community doesn't swoop down on them for visits!

capitolady said...

Wow looks beautiful! Glad you had a great time.

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

ha ha, liars liars pants on fires!

Kate said...

you should be here today buddy it is bloody awful.. freezing cold and foggy... you brought a weird freaky good weather weekend with you and we have no idea where it came from but now you're gone so too is the sun... PLEASE COME BACK I"M SO SO COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Elliot said...

I'll never read their blogs the same way again!

painted maypole said...

a weekend in the netherlands? fantastic!

and now I have to stop reading your blog, because your life is better than mine.


Gunfighter said...

I am so glad that you had a good time, SMID!

Welcome home.