Monday, March 16, 2009

Right where she belongs

As I mentioned last week, we were in final rehearsal mode for You're A Good Man Charlie Brown. I wasn't in the production but was the mama of a Charlie Brown, a Linus and a Woodstock. Aside from Woodstock there were actually three of each of the main characters - there was a "little kid" Charlie, a teen Charlie and an adult Charlie and so on and so on. Woodstock, a character made up for this show, was two little girls who flitted around in yellow with marabous in their hair.

Sunday's matinee was the final show and as is customary the cast and crew gave gifts to the director and other key folks. Some of the littlest kids in the cast were to be handed bouquets of flowers to be given to the appropriate honoree.

My four-year-old daughter - aka Woodstock - was handed the first bouquet to be given to the stage manager. My daughter, in all her yellow finery, proceeded to walk in front of the cast with a gracious yet regal smile and give a huge bow. When an adult on stage tried to gently nudge her towards the intended recipient, she gave an exasperated look, walked even farther out on to the stage and then gave an even bigger bow complete with a hand flourish.

The crowd was roaring. The stage manager was flowerless. The cast was in a quandary.

I ran up to the stage with my daughter's bouquet which I was going to give her after the show. I handed her the flowers and told her to give the other ones to the stage manager.

She looked confused. But eventually did what she was suppose to do.

And I ran back to my chair to bury my face in a friend's shoulder.

And for those of you with 2 minutes to spare, here is a not-so-great-quality video of part of The Baseball Game from this weekend's production of You're A Good Man Charlie Brown.

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Heather said...

Ha ha! I love it!

Brillig said...

HAHAHAHA! Phew! Great save, Mom! So stinkin' darling.

Jenn in Holland said...

Atta girl!
She knows when the applause is comin' you just gotta keep it comin'!!

Real Life Drama Queen said...

That has to be the cutest story I have heard in awhile. Adorable.

UUbuntu said...

As someone who was on the stage during this performance, I have to say that your daughter's behavior was as entertaining as it was age-appropriate. You should be proud of her ability to play to the crowd and to seize the limelight when given the opportunity. And she does it so naturally!

Not many of us ever have that kind of self-confidence -- even when we were young.

Peter H. Reynolds said...

I am so sorry I missed it!