Thursday, November 05, 2009

Knock knock - hello? Maine?

Knock, knock. Hello, Maine?

Hi, I'm SMID and I live in Massachusetts which has had marriage equality for over 5 years.

Funny thing? Even after five years of gays being able to marry, the sky is still where it belongs. No four horsemen nor large swarms of bugs have descended upon us. Everyone's marriage - straight or gay - continues to be the business of the two people in that marriage.

Why, Maine, why couldn't you just do the same?

Maybe this piece from The Colbert Report explains it.

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So really Maine is just another fearful, bigoted Utah. Why don't you move West. As one friend of mine says, you don't deserve the Atlantic Ocean.


Anonymous said...

Utah, California, Texas... you name it, I've lived there.

I am so sad and amazed and sad all over again. I just keep thinking that the thinking has to kick in sometime, right?

Anonymous said...

And P.S. That clip is just fantastic! Colbert is a god.