Monday, March 31, 2008

How do they do it? or 525,600 ways they amaze me

"Mom! There was an assembly today!" yells one guy from the back of the van.

"Really" I ask.

"Yeah! The kids in musical theater sang 5 songs!" the other one yells.

"They sang Under the Sea and that song from Annie."


"No the other one."

"Hard knock life?"


They grew silent as they tried to figure out the other songs.


Later in the evening we finished dinner and homework and were starting to mill around for the pre-bedtime activity when suddenly, in perfect unison, the boys started singing Seasons of Love from the musical Rent.

"What? How do you know this?" I asked incredulously.

"It was one of the songs at the assembly."

"Had you heard it before?"


I showed them this video. I just marvel at their ability to remember a song, perfectly, after only hearing it once.

Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Moments so dear
Five Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand
Six Hundred Minutes
How Do You Measure - Measure A Year?
In Daylights - In Sunsets
In Midnights - In Cups Of Coffee
In Inches - In Miles
In Laughter - In Strife

Got a song that startled you? Do share.... and link back to me. That's part of the game.

And yes, I'm traveling again. Will be back later this week. Forgive my absence. I'm sure you all are writing wonderful things. It is my loss to be missing them.


Flower Child said...

I think you have yourself a few Broadway musical stars in the making. Maybe the Ambassador has been secretly coaching them. Maybe he's their real father...

jodifur said...

My favorite song ever. I actually walked down the aisle to it.

soccer mom in denial said...

Flower child -

SHHHHHHH!!! You'll blow Ambassador's cover. Dang it woman!

Jodifur -

Great choice of a song. No wonder you look so happy in that wedding photo on your site.

Both of you-
Cannot WAIT to see/meet you this week!!

Heather said...

That's cool. Have fun!

Mariposa said...

Songs are easier to remember! And wow, you have no idea how much I love this song and what it is making me feel right now...I don't feel so well, I mean, I'm not having that so nice Monday like before...and this song is just so wonderful to listen to in moment like this.

Happy Music Monday!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing the power of memory, isn't it? Too bad we lose it as we get older.

My music post for today is a bit absurd, but then again, so is the ad that inspired it.

Jenn in Holland said...

Love, love, LOVE that song. Your boys will always amaze me. Soon, we'll be singing a trio...
Happy me.

Luisa Perkins said...

Those are some smart kids!

I totally love that song. Brings back memories of seeing the show on Broadway.

the dragonfly said...

That song has been with me since the first time I heard it.

painted maypole said...

they know a good song when they hear it!

Jerseygirl89 said...

I use that song as my ringtone for Hubby. I get teary every time I hear it. Sounds like you have future Rent stars!

citizen jane said...

Love. This. So. Much. Both the fact that your kids were singing showtunes and the fact that they were singing this one. The entire OBR of Rent is still in heavy rotation on the citizen jane iPod.

And you've just given me an idea for my next Music Monday offering -- which will hopefully be next week when I'm back from my little trip...

Alex Elliot said...

The Big Giraffe loves that song!

Soccer Goal said...

Wow ! what smart kids! woohoo Soccer Nets