Thursday, April 03, 2008

Come to Jesus meeting

One of the expressions I've recently learned is the phrase "Come to Jesus meeting". How it was explained to me is a gathering, usually between folks who have not been getting along, to hash out their differences and make peace.

Could I call a come to Jesus meeting? Please?

I was talking with someone whose opinion I value greatly. Someone who also has the uncanny ability of accurately predicting political races. Someone who has my political bent and cares about similar issues as me.

He said McCain will be the next president.

And I agreed with him.

Why does he feel this way? Why do I? Because of the nasty, ugly vitriol by both Democratic candidates' camps.

Now don't post comments here about how the other is worse. I don't care. I truly do not care who is nominated (there I've written it). However, I have heard from supporters of both candidates the worst line possible:

"If my candidate doesn't win, I'm not voting."

Which is a vote for McCain.

I lived in New Orleans during the 1992 gubernatorial election. That was the election between David Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan, and Edwin Edwards, a former Governor who had been indited several times on corruption (and was eventually found guilty years later). I was surrounded by smart, intelligent people who were disgusted by their choices for governor and vowed not to vote. Which, considering David Duke was polling ahead of Edwards in the rest of Louisiana, meant every vote in New Orleans was necessary to ensure a white supremacist didn't become the next governor.

My favorite bumper sticker from that campaign? "Vote for the crook. It's important."

So I'm asking everyone, once a Democratic candidate is nominated to put aside your feelings, your personal investment of time and money and DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN TO GET THE DEMOCRAT ELECTED. While it has been fun to watch, read and listen to people who are truly excited about this race, some of whom are engaged for the first time, there is one thing everyone should remember about politics.

Politics isn't personal. It is politics.


Heather said...

Oh no. Please don't let McCain be president. I don't think I could handle a republican in the White House for another 4 years.

Lilacspecs said...

Amen to that. I definitely have a Democratic candidate whom I prefer, but either one would be suitable as opposed to McCain. I really hope America gets it's shiznit together for this election.

Goofball said...

I wish I could support your plea by voting next fall as well, but I can't! If not, I sure would. I am motivated enough to help avoiding another 4 years with a Republican American president!

I wonder: isn't there a board at the head of the democratic party who sees that these campaign might harm them in the end...who pushes both candidates to work together and form a dream team or something? In our political system, the leaders of each political party have a lot to say in what happens. But I've never heard of "leaders of the republican or democrat party"?

June said...

Amen sister! I have the same fear you do. I don't want to believe that people would be so short sighted, but they seem to be. Either that or they're a closet racist. I know one who I think is just that. I think all this divisiveness is just making it easier for the Republicans and Diebold to steal another election. They have a built in explanation.

jodifur said...


Why does this conversation sound familiar? It seems so much like a conversation we may have had in person?

Flower Child said...

Woo hoo! Eyes on the prize, people!

I have a preference for one candidate but I also know that when push comes to shove I'll hold my nose and do what I need to do. Because 8 more years of this b***s**t is more than I can bear.

I also understood Come to Jesus as a moment of truth - realizing the reality and facing it. and addressing it. Which in this case we must do. Vote. Please. Please. Please.

Ambassador said...

Oh, thank you for reading my mind (scary thought...).

I was mulling this over just this morning, and for me it was the hope and prayer that all the folks whose candidate did NOT get nominated could just be adult enough to SUCK IT UP and VOTE. McCain scares me. Four or eight more years of a Republican White House scares me.

And does anybody else think that Mrs. McCain bears a bit of a resemblence to the Crypt Keeper? The Beau mentioned that the other day, and now I can't stop seeing her that way...unkind, I know.

Now, Vote. Damn It.

Jami said...

The "If my candidate isn't running, I'm not voting" (or even worse " - I'm voting for McCain in protest.") attitude seems to be more than a little reminiscent of the pre-pubescent "If I can't make the rules, I'm taking my ball and going home." I can truly understand not liking the other Democratic candidate, but two important things to keep in mind if they get the nomination are: 1) they're the DEMOCRATIC candidate, and 2) they're the one who won the party's nomination. And please, don't tell me that at least McCain would be a known evil as opposed to the "other" Democrat. Bullshit! No one has ANY idea what kind of evil he will be, but we can pretty well guarantee that Democrats will be a lot more unhappy with his presidency than they would be with either of the Dem candidates.

I have a definite choice of who I want to see running on the Democratic ticket but regardless of who does run, I'll vote for them. I really, REALLY don't want McCain (and all that he implies) in office! But I agree with you that if the Democrats don't get their shit together very soon, they will once again manage to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

citizen jane said...

In the spirit of a CTJ... and the people said Amen!

You are so, so right with your comments and perspectives. And while I, like so many Dems, have a prefered candidate, I'll be pulling the "D" lever come November, regardless.

Brava, sisterfriend, brava!

Res said...

McCain would just be a third term for George W. - our country cannot survive that!! Your post is right on!

Alex Elliot said...

Well put.

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Bryan and I had a long talk about this yesterday. The Dems are screwing it up again!!!! Get it together people in power!!! We are the party that supposedly agrees with each other!!! ONE OF YOU (um, preferably Hilary) STEP AFUCKING SIDE AND LET THE OTHER BECOME THE CANDIDATE AND LET US ALL SHUT THE FUCK UP RALLY BEHIND THEM AND GO AFTER THE ONE WE SHOULD BE GOING AFTER - THE ONE FROM THE *OTHER* PARTY!!!!!!

Ok, I am done now.

Tyler said...

"Bryan and I had a long talk about this yesterday. The Dems are screwing it up again!!!"

Folks, this has been a recurring theme among many Democratic-oriented blogs in the past couple of weeks. I have posted a couple of responses here and here (

In short, nobody should get out of the race until (1) he/she is tired of running, (2) he/she is mathematically eliminated or (3) the primary voting is complete in early June. The links have explanations for my view.

Trust the process. It will work for us.

Jenn said...

Right on, Tyler! I have a few things to say about it too ( I am for Hillary, but if Obama wins, not only am I voting for him, I will campaign for him. But I'm not as worried about it as most folks here. 1) because 4 TIMES as many people have voted for Obama and Clinton in the primaries as voted for McCain (Dems are fired up!) and 2) when Dems remember that a Republican president means more conservative Supreme Court judges and more government-hating Republicans heading FEMA, FAA, USDA, Justice Dept, and on and on, they'll get over the primary. It's our job to remind them! Keep the faith and work (don't just vote) for a Democratic President!

Gunfighter said...

But what if two of the three, one of those two being of my own party, are people that I cannot, for morally imperative reasons, vote for?

"Tis a dilemma indeed, but I'll stick by my guns (a pun, get it?) and do what I know in my heart to be right for me.

Gunfighter said...

Oh, and I don't believe that a hotly contested primary equals a win for John McCain.

He is about to be taken to the woodpile.

Sister Sassy said...

resurrected by Jen, I came and read this. yep, SO right. this totally sucks.

Get ready to start brainstorming some bumper stitckers, I'll design them :)

Anonymous said...

Gee that makes so much sense, vote against any republican because they are a republican. Beautiful! That makes total sense, let's see it would be far better to have either facist, racist, hangs around with and supports some of the most pronounced anit-American people in this country (never mind thier ties to terrorism). He can't even bring himself to wear an American flag on his lapel. Never mind the fact he is by far the most liberal, socialist, borderline communist this country has ever seen running for the white house that has some chance to actually win. That my friends would be Obama's rap sheet.

Clinton, well there's another prime example of a socalist, wrapped up in all sorts of conspiracies which have followed her and her hubby since they started their political careers. Everything from dead people turning up, to secret documents missing, then re-appearing, mysterious leaks of classified information to China, who I might add are still a threat to this country and are a communist nation. Hence all the outrage over Tibet. She and Billy boy have an overwhelming lust for power and will stop at nothing to get it and maintain it.

While I don't particularly like McCain, he understands one thing. And whether or not you people are willing to accept this or not, the world is a dangerous place. There are countrys out there that want to see the west fail. There are terrorist organizations that are hell bent to the point of suicide to kill innocence and spread violence and chaos. This is nothing new, this has been going on well before W got into office. Shame on him for taking the oath of office seriously and is defending us against these people. You want blood running in the streets? You want terrorism part of the American culture? You want this country to sell itself out to the UN? You want to disassemble our armed forces and the only means we have to defend ourselves? You all make me sick. I spent 4 years of my life in both the first gulf war and Somalia defending this nation because I thought there was something here worth fighting for. Instead I see that there are just a bunch of people who will sit here and support one or both candidates who are so clearly anti-American my 8 year old can understand it clearly. Shame on you all, but as I have already seen the demise of this country is well underway and may very well already be done, the last thing I ever thought I would see is for the most dangerous of individuals to not only be voted into office, but to be cheered all along the way. You can bet one thing, when all hell breaks loose here and terrorism is running rampant here in our own streets, you have only yourselves to blame. Me, I will never get my 4 years of service back, but it has taught me one thing, how to use a weapon and use it well to defend my family. You're damn right I will be too, but I'll be more than happy to watch you reap that which you are about to sow.

Finally, don't be so sure that all you looney lefty moonbats are in the majority, thank GOD you're not!
If your way of thinking was so darn popular the democratic controlled house and senate would have higher approval ratings than the prez.

Jami said...

I was just wondering why the tirade above was posted anonymously. I know the KKK likes to maintain their anonymity, too. If they're so proud of their opinions, why not put their name and/or face on them?

I know a lot of people who have opinions similar to the one above, who aren't afraid to speak up publicly and voice them, and yet they're still good friends of mine. No two people think alike. But I have a problems with those who voice any belief without having enough conviction to put a name and/or face to that voice.

(Sorry for the rant, SMID.)