Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going Singular for Thursday, Friday AND Saturday

Singular Saturday

For more Singular Saturdays go [on Saturday] visit Jenn in Holland.


Goofball said...

woooohooo, have a great party (in NY, right?). Do a little dance for me, ok?

Ambassador said...

Sad Face...wish I was the one who was going with you to the concert. I am still paying for the fact that I escaped from the office to 2 entire weeks.

Hope you have a splendid time - remember to stretch before getting too active on the dance floor!!

Hugs! K

Jami said...

You going somewhere? (smirk)


Jenn in Holland said...

Yaz. Yaz. Hmmmm...that seems to ring a couple of bells. Is that someone important? Something you have to do?
Ah, do tell. All of it.

Kate said...

Yo sister - glad to hear there's someone other than me caught in the 80s music time warp.

You're blog has come a long way in a year!

Kate said...

I'm sensing a little excitement... am I correct ;) Have a great time xxx

Carol said...

Hi Allison,
What a tangled web of airline delays for LJ> Glad you had fun at Yaz.