Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Get that shotgun"

I followed my four-year-old into the large box store to buy snacks for the kids going to the child care at the convention this weekend. She just strutted in, swishing her multi-layered skirt with her butterfly shirt and citrus-fruit rain boots. Her blond curls bounced as she held her head up high.

An older black couple were walking out of the store. The gentleman followed little lady with his eyes and just smiled. This big, huge smile.

The lady looked down, shook her head, then looked me in the eyes.

"Ooooooooo...." she said as she clicked her tongue. "You better get a shotgun right now!"

"Yes I do ma'am" I replied with a big laugh.

And little lady just strutted even more.


Jami said...

And now you know that you have a genuine phenom on your hands. I see trouble ahead - fun and laughter, but trouble, too. I think they're called "independent women".

Kate said...

Oh no shotgun needed. A fierce fist can still do the trick.

monstergirlee said...

Sassy little ladies are so awesome. I think I may have one of those too, hard to tell at 2.5 tho.

Jenn in Holland said...

tee-hee. Having seen that in action, I can totally picture the scene. I mentioned recently that when Em was small she used to say "I'm a little bit of trouble but A LOT of fun!" to which we would ALWAYS reply, "Oh, no baby, you've got it backwards, you are A LOT of trouble!"
Sooooo.... welcome to my world.

Cory Alexandre said...

Excellent, what a vivid image you described! Did she have cowboy boots on? Or glittery heels? We've been talking about needing a shotgun as well, maybe we can share!