Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Went to a hockey game, Part II

Really, you would think after the July, 2007 post I learned my lesson. But my Virginia cousin's kid is on some elite team based in New York state. She came to the northern part of our state this past weekend to watch his team play in a tournament.

My dad and I brought the boys to watch their cousin play in a tiny, cold and really smelly rink. At one point a puck flew over the protective walls. Fortunately no one was hurt and my guys got to keep the puck. I was thinking this wasn't going to be as bad as the game that was called due to excessive fighting (just think about that for a minute).

Then the shoving started. The pushing, the tripping, the smashing against the boards. Something happened so that a player from the other team was ejected for the rest of the game.

He was escorted by a referee off the ice. As he stepped over the threshold onto the floor he turned to the ref and loudly yelled "I'M GOING TO FUCK YOU UP!!!!!!!!"

My 8-year-olds, who are not allowed to say "butt" around me, were 5 feet away. They turned around and walked over to me and my cousin. One said,

"Mom, what does fuck you up mean?"

When will I learn?

(I explained it meant a horrible fight but that it was a really gross word.)


Kate said...

Yikes! Well, as usual you handled the awkward moment with aplomb.

Anonymous said...

I like your explanation. What's weird is that I went to a big hockey college and used to sit behind the benches most of the time and I never heard the F word. The worst I heard was "asshole". Guess the world has changed in 15 years.

Heather said...

How lovely. I can't stand that when people feel the need to swear, especially when there are kids around.

monstergirlee said...

However I was pretty clueless before I had kids and let f-bombs fly all over the place - children's tender ears not-withstanding.
Not that thats an excuse because it isn't.
I do like hockey tho!

Flower Child said...

I'm going to have to watch my potty mouth around your brood. but I am proud to say I didn't learn any of my bad words at a hockey rink!

Jenn in Holland said...

I can't say that sport has ever drawn me in as a spectator. Now, I am thinking it's a good place to stay away from, especially with a kid with a propensity to mimic whatever he hears!