Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Can't believe it - spinach edition

While running to the liquor store to get wine one 8-year-old son started to beg me to go to the supermarket for salad fixings. I thought I had fallen into the Twilight Zone (as in the 1950's show).

After getting the all important vino, we went into the store where the boys picked out spinach, plum tomatoes and red bell peppers. We got everything home and they meticulously cut the veggies into a lovely salad.

One guy tried his salad and went back to his staple fruit - Granny Smith apples with peanut butter. The other guy ate a large helping of salad. Probably the 4th salad in his life.

But what floored me though was after dinner, after the kids' dessert (I refrained) little lady - who has about 4.7 types foods she will eat - asked to have a bite of spinach. She took a bite, chewed it up, swallowed it and asked for another bite. She ate.... prepare yourself.... 8 pieces of spinach. Then declared she loved lettuce. I explained it was spinach to which she declared she now eats "lettuce-spinach".

To say I nearly peed on myself is an understatement. My 5-year-old daughter put something green in her body.

Other than chocolate chip mint ice cream.


Heather said...

Wonders never cease eh?

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

It will fluctuate, but yay for her trying. C is also one of those kids who prefers 4.7 foods - this is after he ate anything and everything up until age 4.5 or so.


Now he's trying things again. It's nice to see.

Of course, Little Lady will have a healthier childhood if she's trying those things now. ;-)

Fourier Analyst said...

My kids are crazy about Spinach pizza! Sounds weird, but with garlic on it, the chopped up spinach makes for a great topping and goes very well with the tomato sauce base and mozarella on top. It is my way of making "fast food" a bit healthier!

At least that is my story and I'm sticking to it!!

Goofball said...

that's awesome!

Anonymous said...

whoa... congrats! we're ridiculously fickle around here, but spinach and lettuce seem to be on the permanent no-eat list. glad to hear there's hope :)

Jami said...

Fireball does not like salad ... and any green food qualifies as "salad". So do most vegetables that aren't green. Pink Guy, however, has loved broccoli and spinach and salads and veggies of all sorts since he was about 2. But they both like Froot Loops.