Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Get Out of My House Lady Gaga - Dear Jake version

Dear Jake,

Oh. My. Word.

I can't stop laughing. I'll start with what you wrote for a comment to my post last month Get Out of My House Lady Gaga.

get a life.
music is music and people like to sing and dance.
who gives a shit what it means.
you cant bubble wrap children forever.
you crazy religious nut.

Jake, you are absolutely correct. I do not have a life. I am a 40-year-old working mother of three kids, ages 8 1/2 and 5. I will assume you can figure out how I can have three kids but only list two ages.

I will also not assume anything about you even though you have made several about me, without reading the entire post. If you had you would have noticed something I wrote:

I have no problem with her music, her lyrics or her video. Have fun madame Lady.


And let's not forget that I teach sex ed. In my church.

So I really didn't complain about Lady Gaga. I was complaining about parents that inflicted the song onto younger children (please reread the post to refresh your memory). As I note before, I explicitly tell Ms. Gaga to have a blast. She should enjoy her fame. People should enjoy her. People old enough to get the fun and humor.

8-year-olds and 5-year-olds are not in that club of people old enough to get the humor.

Please tell me what, ahem, "crazy religious nut" you know teaches sexuality education - including a panel discussion with transgender youth - at their church. Really. Tell me. Because you will then teach me that not all crazy religious nuts are close-minded bigots who fear their children growing up. Clearly, you mistook me for one of those folks.

I am not.

You are correct that I care about words. I care that my children may think that a popular singer is promoting losing consciousness, or worse, that abuse is part of love.

Because I won't assume that you are a white man in your 20's who hasn't thought of what it feels like to have your [future] kids sing and dance songs with cruel, destructive lyrics. Because dancing and having fun is important but so is the meaning of words. And when your future kids why "love isn't fun without a gun" get in touch with me.

Let me know how it feels.

With honest sincerity,


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Yikes, SMID, don't you love it when folks come in and attack your blog and clearly haven't even read your post.

Hope you otherwise feel rejuvenated after your NC sojourn, despite the cockroach. (I have roachphobia, so that particularly resonated with me).


Gunfighter said...

Hiya SMID,

You were much nicer than I would have been... bu, then... I'm mean.

Luisa Perkins said...

Nicely done, SMID. Brava!

Heather said...

Sheesh. Speaking of not having a life...if all you can find to do is leave Troll comments on a blog...

Goofball said...

oh I'd be so upset to get such unjust criticism