Monday, September 11, 2006

Guilty as charged

I love to travel. I actually tear-up when they show the pre-flight film about how to deal with emergencies. Not out of fear but from excitement. Excitement about the possibilities this journey will bring.

While I enjoy taking my kids all over in any mode of transportation (one hasn't lived until you've flown with 18-month-old twins to a foreign country in which you don't speak the language) I love to travel without them.

Yes, I feel guilty about not being with them at the end of their first day of kindergarten II (today) or taking them to yet another soccer practice. I feel rotten that my daughter doesn't understand I will be back. Somehow Thursday doesn't make sense to her.

But I will get to read, uninterrupted, for hours. I read all of Lovely Bones on one solo flight. I have Geraldine Brook's March packed and ready to break open. I have my iPod charged and set on Pet Shop Boys. I'll get to be in the company of grown-ups for several days and not worry about peanut butter on my clothes. I'll get to sleep until I need to get up, not because someone woke me up.

And while I am guilty because I'll enjoy it, I'll feel guilty too.


Kate said...

As women and moms, aren't we just plagued with guilt?? Men don't seem to have those genes.

Anonymous said...

I'd say I can't wait to be away from family so I can read uninterrupted. However, moving to a country with over a billion people doesn't really allow for that. Unless I move to the Himalayas.

soccer mom in denial said...

When I explained to my husband that while I was gone he would have to take the boys to soccer practice at 6pm he asked when was there time to feed them. I laughed and told him after practice. He asked "this is how your evening is?" It takes me going out of town for the dad to know what the evening is.

Jenn, enjoy the really long flight. I highly recommend Last Days of Dogtown as well as March by Geraldine Brooks.

AB said...

Do you ever feel like you have travelled back in time in your own life when you get time away (at least over night with at least one free evening) all by yourself? I did my first overnight conference since Jaxon was born (at least 4 years) hubby home too (we rarely spend a night apart) and to boot it was on a college campus. Felt like I had travelled back in time about 15 years!

And I see your taste in music is quite divine - Howard Jones and Pet Shop Boys as well as Erasure.