Friday, August 22, 2008

Love more

I'm only emerging from our blissful vacation to honor my sons' 8th birthday. And as I did last year, I wrote each of them a letter. So this breaks my no-too-long rule for posting. But hey - it's their birthday today.

Happy Birthday son,

I've been slogging through Doris Kearns Goodwin's large and heavy biography about Lincoln. In fact when you had to bring it from the car into the vacation house you exclaimed "When are you going to finish this book?"

I have learned so much about America during the early to mid-1800's, Lincoln's life and events leading up to the Civil War. But I've learned something else.

You are a classic boy.

Early during the Lincoln family's days in the White House a family friend wrote in her diary a description of Willie Lincoln, one of the President's sons. Last month I nearly fell off the train seat as I read:

"Healthy and high-spirited, he had a blazing temper, which disappeared as quickly as it came. He was a 'merry, spontaneous fellow, bubbling over with innocent fun, whose laugh rang throughout the house, when not moved to tears.'"

That is you.

You continue to be incredibly generous (you gave your brother your gift certificate so he could combine it with his to get an insanely expensive Magic Kit), loudly mercurial and downright cuddly. I'm always a bit startled when you take my hand or even put your arm around my waist in public. I have to try not to tear up because I fear it will be the last time you will display affection in public.

And then you do it again a few days later.

I love you,

Happy Birthday son,

You are the family showman. You now have a Magic set thanks to your brother's generous giving of his gift certificate. You are determined to figure out how to hide a coin inside a sack locked in a box, pass the wand without it being seen in the hallow part of another box, or tell what number an audience member has chosen on a card. In addition to being determined to play in a band, star on Broadway, pitch professional baseball, illustrate books, win a gold medal at the Olympics and still live with me as an adult. Apparently part of your life plans involve your parents moving with you to where ever you go.

Your wide-eyed view of the world is inspiring. Your sense of what you can and will do is exciting. Your belief in the inherent goodness of people makes me wish the world was indeed the place you think it is.

By being here you make the world just such a place. A place where all kids regardless of their abilities are friends, a place where music is constantly played, a place where life has to be lived fully (and loudly) from the moment you wake up until the second you collapse into bed at night.

I'm not sure I'll be following you around in your twenties. But I'm sure having fun following you around as you turn 8 years old.

I love you,


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Happy B'day to both boys and to you for having such loving, wonderful children!

Enjoy the vacation!

Heather said...

What great letters. Happy Birthday to those boys, and to their mama.

painted maypole said...

what lovely little men you are raising

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

so sweet. Happy birthday, boys!

Kate said...

Aww, that is awesome. What nice letters. And that's funny your mention that your son wants to live with you as an adult. My son always says that, too; that he never wants to leave our house. I should get that recorded.

Hope you are having a good vacation!

Kate said...

When I was little I told my parents I would never leave too ... I think they had heart palpertations!!!!! however the teen years struck and away I flew but I have to admit I go back as often as is humanly possible!!!!!

Alex Elliot said...

Happy birthday, boys!

Brillig said...

Sigh. I love your letters to your boys. You're such a great mom, and your boys sound mighty special. I hope they had a fantastic day!