Wednesday, August 22, 2007


This is one of those long posts. Skip it if you want to but if you have some time, indulge me. My boys turn 7 years old today. I wrote a letter for my daughter on her birthday in April. Just because they are twins doesn't mean they should share a letter and just because they are twins doesn't mean one should not have his letter on his birthday. So, two letters for two lovely boys on their shared day of birth.


Dear son,

This past Sunday you woke up having hatched a plan. The previous night your brother pitched a fit wanting the wallet back that you had traded with him. You planned to give it back to him if he gave you the $5 he still had leftover from the lemonade stand. While I didn't like the plan, I stayed quiet. He thought he got the great deal. But you knew who really did.

And what did you do with your new found wealth? You desperately wanted to buy your younger sister a toy kitty cat from the local children's book store. You begged to be taken on Sunday and wouldn't accept it was closed. You remembered it would be opened when I picked you up from theater camp and brought your sister into the store, holding her hand as you let her pick out a little Siamese cat.

You are even keeled and centered. Your birthday party at the ball parked was rained out and you didn't complain. Life is a song for you and currently the music is from Fiddler on the Roof. While watching any sort of singing on television or stage, you are lost in the music. You sway, bob your head and just become the melody.

You are devoted. Also at the rained out ballgame your brother tripped and skinned his elbow badly. It isn't healing properly but he won't let me or your father put disinfectant on it. We are having to hold him tightly while he screams and yells. You are right in there, defending him. First you try to reason with us that we are hurting your brother and need to stop. Since that won't work you get in and tear our arms off to free him from our disinfecting clutches. We then place you in the hallway and lock the bathroom door. So while your brother is screaming in the bathroom you are both yelling encouragement to him and condemnation at us.

You love us with all of your heart. We are all very lucky. And I am lucky to be your mom.

I love you,



Dear son,

For your birthday you received "Bunny Bucks" from our favorite independent children's bookstore. The entire drive (all one mile of it) you talked about buying your 3-year-old sister something. When you got in you panicked because it meant losing out on not getting everything you could get with such a huge gift certificate (all $15 of it). But after a while you settled into a few things and found you did have $2 left over. You bought her a lovely change purse with butterflies. You asked the owner to wrap it up nicely for her. You cried when you realized we weren't going straight home so you could present it to her, even though we were going to another friend's birthday party.

When you did get home you promptly and loudly woke her up from her nap. She didn't really understand your generosity. In fact the little purse is still sitting on the floor where she left it after tearing off the paper. But you don't seem to mind at all.

You are our little man with his heart on his sleeve. You hug the hardest and snuggle the tightest. Most mornings I wake up with you practically on top of me because you sneak into my bed in the middle of the night. You cannot contain your disappointment when things go wrong. The other night you were so upset about something that you were throwing objects and trying to hit your brother, even though he had nothing to do with whatever was bothering you. But then you settled down and helped your sister take her bath.

I am amazed with how comfortable you have become with people both old and young. Sunday evening we went to a church picnic and you answered all questions asked with a "yes" (with an actual "s" at the end of "yes") or "no" followed by a proper "sir" or "ma'am". You weren't bashful and spoke loudly enough so people could hear you. You actually can carry on a conversation, offering up stories about your day or week and asking questions about the person you are speaking with. You are truly pleasant to be around.

Tonight we were at your new school playground meeting other kids in your first grade class. Your sister's favorite pants are too small for her and she had a plumber's thing going on. Other boys were noticing and pointing. You very calmly went over and tried to pull up her pants. You helped her with the monkey bars and those boys didn't go near her again.

I look forward to seeing you become the man you will be. It is an honor to be your mom.

I love you,



Alex Elliot said...

Happy birthday to your boys! The letters are wonderful. I am so impressed with how devoted they both are to their sister. Both of them using their own money to buy their sister a gift instead of themselves?! Standing up to other kids to protect her? I hope that my sons are that devoted to each other. You obviously are a great mom!

chelle said...

7 YEARS! Wow! Happy Birthday to both your boys. May all their birthday wishes come true this year.

How sweet are they to their baby sister!

Brillig said...

Happiest of Birthdays to each of them!!! I love that you wrote separate letters. You really are the coolest mom.

Jenn in Holland said...

Happy Birthday SMID's SONS!
What wonderful little men you have. Thanks for sending me into sniffles this morning Allison. I hope that the day is filled with lots of love, warm memories and cake. Yup. I hope there is lots of cake.
And now, in keeping with Dutch tradition I tell you, congratulations on the birthday of your sons, SMID!

Jen said...

Awe.... They will really treasure these later, no matter how much they treasure them now. As you will.

What splendid boys. And you can see that they're their mother's sons.

Just lovely!

Goofball said...

Happy birthday to your boys!!!
My nephew is celebrating his 2nd birthday today as well.

Fourier Analyst said...

Following Dutch tradition of congratulating the Mother first, I extend my best wishes and felicitations on the anniversary of your son's births! And many happy returns to them both. They are really lucky to have a Mom who understands and appreciates them with all their faults. You seem to be raising a couple of terrific young men, something this world is really in need of! But I can tell already their poor little Sis is going to have all sorts of trouble when she starts bringing fellas home!!

Flower Child said...

I'm very impressed with how you distinguished the two of them (I guess they distinguish themselves from each other first). While it's nice to have siblings, it's also nice to feel like your own person. Even at 7 years old - I can't believe it's been that long!

Jodi said...

Happy B-day boys!!!

Such a lovely, lovely post. It's amazing watching our children turn into their own little people. And I'm touched by our sweet they are to their little siter and each other. I hope you give them this!

Trish K said...

Beautiful letters. I have never thought to do something like that. Happy birhtday to your sons

Leslie said...

You've brought tears to my eyes. What lovely boys you are raising. I hope their birthday was as wonderful as they are.

jennifer said...

Oh my, that's one lucky little sister. Beautiful post