Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Misbehaving boy

We're getting to our wits end with one of our guys.

His sweet 24-year-old teacher desperately said to me one evening "do you think he's tired"? She is so nice she doesn't want to imply that perhaps my kid is being a royal jerk.

Last week, my husband had to work late (like most nights) and talked to the guy on the phone. He "helped" him write an apology to his teacher.

This is how it turned out:

He wrote "I am sorry for misbehaving tobay. I will try to bo better."

Oh so wrong. If you are going to apologize, it needs to be sincere. And look nice. So back to the pad. This time with me in charge.


chelle said...

hehe I so enjoy coming here, reading about my future with children that will attend school. The future sweet young teachers that try to be kind and the kid that is being a "royal jerk"! Parental horror! I hope he turns this around for himself soon!

Alex Elliot said...

We haven't had to do letters yet since my oldest is only 3, but he did have to apologize to the teacher for giving her a hard time when it was time to leave preschool. Then I felt like I should apologize too...This is a whole new world for me! Your blog name makes me laugh every time I see it.