Thursday, February 08, 2007

Plotting an escape

"Mom, don't work on the computer and don't watch the Daily Show. You need to go to bed right away."

OK. Why?

"Don't ask. And don't go into our room."

So during bath time I did the equivalent of reading the journal. I opened their bedroom door. Their backpacks were packed full of stuffed animals, underwear and light sabers. I returned to the bathroom and nonchalantly asked what was going on it there.

"We're meeting [6-year-old friend's name] outside the house after you go to sleep. We're going to walk to the train tracks and look for bears!!" with all the excitement 6-year-old twin boys can muster (in case you don't know - it is a lot).

Deep breath. Count to ten. Think of this as a test for when they tell me as 14-year-olds they've been invited to a party with no parents in the house. They are trusting me not to lose it.

After (calmly) explaining that it isn't safe for children to be alone outside in the dark, its too cold, they are too young to make plans like that without parents ["But you can come!"], the plan itself was dangerous and, finally, the clincher that I thought their friend was just being creative and dreaming up a scheme that would never happen. Through all of this there was lots of rationalizations, yelling, pleading and crying.

I even called the friend's mother to make sure he wasn't walking on some interstate highway on his way to our house. He wasn't. He hadn't even talked about it with his mom.

Which led to this heart-breaking, bone shaking sob from one guy.



Maggie said...

LOL. You got a double whammy too. Good thing they couldn't hide their secret to well.

Anonymous said...


Paige said...

Very funny. I know some version of this awaits me when Avery learns to fib...

Amy Barry said...

Oh! Are you now forever afraid of them sneaking out? I think I would be running out to buy those little door and window alarm things! Poor things. How disappointing for them (and scary for you?)

My Jaxon is only 3 1/2 and has said a couple of times he is going to "run away" I don't think he has any idea what he means by that yet but already I worry a bit about it. And I CANNOT fathom where he got the phrase from. Probably a movie but I can't think which one he would have heard it in.