Thursday, February 15, 2007

Never say never #4,702

That "never say never" list is really long.

Like my kids would never watch more than one hour of television a day.

Or they would always eat healthy foods and never, say, have cereal for dinner.

Or that I would never allow the boys to leave the toilet seat up. Now I just hope they get the seat up before the stream starts.

Then there are shoes. Specifically shoes with laces.

I vowed when I gave birth to my sons that they would never, ever, wear shoes with Velcro straps. They needed to learn how to tie their shoes. By age 3. After they swam the English Channel but before they discovered a new planet. I was going to give them until age 7 to win an Olympic Gold medal. In fencing.


Alex Elliot said...

It's funny because today I was thinking that I was so careful to limit that amount of TV that my older son watched when he was "younger" (he's only 3), but that rule went out the window with my younger son. He watches whatever the older one watches. Just like in a couple more months, he'll eat whatever cookies etc that the older one eats. It wasn't an issue with the older one because there was no one eating cookies, watching TV, etc in front of him. I always hated lace shoes though so as far as I'm concerned my boys will wear Velcro as long as they make them in their sizes.

Kate said...

That's funny! But I always hated the velcro shoes just because I think they look stupid. But my son is 5 and he still can't tie his shoes. Oh well. There are worse things, right?

Amy Barry said...

Heeeheee - I never had delusions about the velcro. I figure when he is five I will teach him to tie shoe laces. He does have dress shoes with laces but that is it. And how much do I love crocs for toddlers?

And I don't have to worry about TV but I do have to put my foot down for the number of movies. Saturday mornings he gets a movie in his room first thing (so we can sleep in - yeah, we're lazy) and some evenings we will watch a movie together but that's it. Luckily, he is still to young to care about TV. Just don't deny him his movies.

As for food? I'd love to do better. I try when I can. I did discover that the ingredient label of kraft M&C is not as bad as I imagined it to be. Still, I much prefer my hubby's home made pasta and sauces as does our 3 year old. But I have given up on trying to be perfecto mom. I just aim to be a good mom.

My aim as a mom - moderate but don't prohibit as much as possible.