Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Meme in place of a hug

This is for Fourier Analyst AND The Real Life Drama Queen. If anyone deserves me to break (again) my no meme stance, it is them. They have both shared more heartbreak this fall than any mother should bear.

But what was really sweet? They both named me so that I would have something to write about during NaBlolalalala. Ladies, I literally write two posts per day and only put one up on my blog. I've got a backlog of writing. But thank you for thinking of me.

So this meme is in the place of flying to give them both hugs in person.

A. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning. Done.

B. Each player lists 6 facts/habits/secrets about themselves. Yup.

C. At the end of the post, the player then tags people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Nope. Not doing that part.

So I am ornery like that. I'll give you the information, but not pass along the task.

1. Fact - Like Fourier Analyst I cannot remember phone numbers or codes on keypads but can remember the pattern on the pads. I will literally have to draw a key pad to "map out" the numbers.

2. (Former) Habit - I bit my nails until 3rd grade when my mom made a $10 bet with me that I couldn't bite my nails for 3 months. I haven't bitten my nails since.

3. Habit - I pick at my cuticles.

4. Fact (or Habit?) - Like The Queen, I enjoy speed. As in driving fast in the car. Or mini-van in my case.

5. Fact - I was the voice of a character in a film strip (remember those?). I remember being in the studio with two other kids and wearing the big headsets. For the life of me I cannot remember what the film was about.

6. Secret - I really, really enjoyed writing that piece of fiction hosted by Jenn in Michigan earlier in the month. I only wish I could do more writing like that. She's decided to do it again so you should join in. It was a lot of fun.

Want to share with the rest of us? Consider yourself tagged, write up your six - posting those rules at the beginning - let me know and I'll promote you.


Remember over at Looking Into we having Animal Week all this week. Today we welcome a new guest photographer. Go check out his photo!


Fourier Analyst said...

Great list!! Thanks for playing! What? You can't remember the film? And you call yourself an (voice) actress? Sheesh!! I thought my memory was bad! Good fun! And happy almost-end-of- NaBlo.....!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Fiction is a drug... be careful! ;-) So glad you had fun. Great meme answers, too!

Jenn in Holland said...

hahahahaha! So did you get your ten bucks for quitting?
Love the list.
Fact. You actually play memes.

Flower Child said...

I have this vision of you driving very fast in a mini-van. Something out of a National Lampoon movie.

Alex Elliot said...

What did you do with the ten dollars?

Nap Warden said...

Guess what, I'm a number pattern person to!

Real Life Drama Queen said...

I am so sorry it took me so long to see this. Friggin computer is driving me batty. I loved your list doll!! I will have a ton of catch up to do when I finally get back.