Monday, November 19, 2007

You are awesome

Music Monday

Actually, wicked awesome.

Remember that little request I made about a month ago? I'll refresh your memories...

Believe it or not, while doing all my other projects I need to compile a list of songs from the last 25 years.

Done laughing yet?

It is the 25th anniversary of the organization I work for and we have two events coming up that in part celebrate this milestone.

So who gave me some awesome suggestions?

Jenn in Holland
Painted Maypole
Flower Child
Jen in Michigan

And Aimee, oh the Mistress of Greeblemonkey! She made 4-6 alternative suggestions for EACH YEAR!! Do the math - that is at least 100 songs she wrote out in the comments. Go check it out.

And now for the songs that played at last month's annual meeting and our big fundraiser this past Friday.

1999 ~ Prince
She Works Hard for the Money ~ Donna Summer
People Are People ~ Depeche Mode
Thriller ~ Michael Jackson
Born In the U.S.A. ~ Bruce Springsteen
Hot Summer Nights ~ Miami Sound Machine
Everybody Wants to Rule the World ~ Tears for Fears
Walk Like an Egyptian ~ The Bangles
In Your Eyes ~ Peter Gabriel
Livin' on a Prayer ~ Bon Jovi Slippery
A Groovy Kind of Love ~ Phil Collins
Fast Car ~ Tracy Chapman
Going Back to Cali ~ LL Cool J
Love Shack ~ The B-52's
Love will never do ~ Janet Jackson
Something to Talk About ~ Bonnie Raitt
Smells Like Teen Spirit ~ Nirvana
Jazz (We've Got) ~ A Tribe Called Quest
Walking On Broken Glass ~ Annie Lennex
Real Love ~ Mary J. Blige
End of the Road ~ Boyz II Men
Can You Feel the Love Tonight? ~ Elton John
Fantasy ~ Mariah Carey
Waterfalls ~ TLC
Because You Loved Me ~ CĂ©line Dion
I Believe I Can Fly ~ R. Kelly
Hard Knock Life ~ Jay-Z
If You Had My Love ~ Jennifer Lopez
Livin' la Vida Loca (Spanish Version) ~ Ricky Martin
Beautiful Day ~ U2
Music ~ Madonna
Fallin' ~ Alicia Keys
Turn Your Lights Down Low ~ Bob Marley & Lauryn Hill
Whenever, Wherever ~ Shakira
Where Is the Love? ~ Black Eyed Peas
Crazy In Love ~ Beyoncé
Hey Ya! ~ OutKast
The Long Way Around ~ Dixie Chicks
Heaven ~ Los Lonely Boys
Feel Good Inc ~ Gorillaz
Crazy ~ Gnarls Barkley
Waiting On the World to Change ~ John Mayer
The Way I Are ~ Timbaland

There were compliments and grooving galore at both events. But the one I want to share with you was early Friday morning. We were setting up for bankers, developers and others with deep pockets to show up for our big breakfast fundraiser at a super fancy museum (a bank paid for the space). This place was so fancy it could take my iPod and play the music both in the lobby and a different floor where the food was being set up.

At one point two museum staff members - a security guard and an event person - were standing by the front door. The white woman turned to me and said, hesitantly, "is this your music?"

I enthusiastically confirmed it was.

The young African-American man in a security uniform smiled shyly.

"Did I hear Going Back to Cali?"

"Yup, you did."

"Never heard that here at 8 in the morning" he said as his grin got bigger.

So thank you, friends, for giving people some pretty big grins.

Be sure to check out Music Monday over at Flower Child and Jenn in Holland. Are you playing some tunes as well? Let me know and I will list you too.


Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Man, wish I'd been there. It sounds like it was quite the party!

Goofball said...

Now that you mention it, we have to admit it: yes we are awesome ;)

and you are welcome, the pleasure was on our side too.

Flower Child said...

Thanks to everyone for those suggestions - I used them to create a running mix. and I'm in on Music Monday:

Happy short week everyone!

chelle said...

Wow that is quite the song list!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

I am so excited that Going Back to Cali made it, and that it made someone happy!!!!!!!!!


And thanks babe. Loves ya.

Virtualsprite said...

That sounds like such a cool party! Love the song list, too... brings back a lot of memories.

Jenn in Holland said...

Nothing like a little music to make a grin bigger and broader!
Great compilation CD!!

Wholly Burble said...

Glad your event went well--sounds like you made everyone's day!

I'm thinking about joining Music Monday--except I'm such a dinasaur, I don't know if anyone would "groove" to the tunes I would choose LOL. Not quite Fred and Wilma Flintstone--but pretty old.

Heather said...

Now that, my friend, is awesome.

Jodi said...

I wish I could remember what I recommended. I wonder if any of mine made it?

Alex Elliot said...

That sounds fantastic!