Monday, December 17, 2007

Basketball has returned

Music Monday at Soccer Mom in Denial

On Saturday I coached the 3rd basketball game of the season. Me and ten first and second grade boys. For the first time I have an assistant coach who is wonderfully patient and fun. I gave a synopsis of nearly every game during last year's season. This is clearly the year where it "clicks" for the kids who have played a year or two. And for their coach as well.

I have thoroughly lucked out with my team and fellow coach. Sure I have some towering 2nd graders who can just pluck rebounds with little effort. I have kids who are so eager to hustle and shoot they fall over themselves, and a third of the opposing team, only to have the ball roll away.

But I have a boy on the team who is notorious in our town. A tiny guy who is a live wire. Other parents moan about how he won't listen and is easily distracted.

He shares a first and middle name with a folk hero. My sons' know the Johnny Cash song sung at Folsom Prison.

But I love this kid. My 3 1/2 year old daughter is almost as tall as him (more a statement of her height than his) so what he lacks in stature as a 2nd grader, he makes up in speed and sheer, brute strength.

We have to play games on only half of a court (don't ask me why several huge school gymnasiums are closed on weekends and we have to play in an elementary school that is over 100 years old). But this doesn't take away that little guy retrieves a rebound, starts dribbling down the court then at mid-court will toss the basketball with one arm toward the net. And a few times has gotten it in. The dads lined up against the wall just shake their heads in amazement.

So this past Saturday I made a point to tell our team powerhouse to actually pass the ball and to shoot closer to the basket. His dad overheard me and reiterated what I said (Thank you!).

And little man brilliantly passed the ball often during the game. So much so that the other players made baskets. He ended up with three assists by the end of the 30 minute game. His dad congratulated him profusely for being such a "team player" (again Thank you!).

I'm excited to have him on our team. He's a coach's dream.

At least this one's.

Well John Henry hammered in the mountain.
He'd give a grunt and he'd give a groan with every swing.
The women folks for miles around heard him and come down,
To watch him make the cold steel ring.
Lord what a swinger!
Just listen to that cold steel ring!

It's Monday so SMID must be writing about music (like how I got basketball back to a song?). Are you singing a song today? Flower Child is recalling favorite records and even shared some JD with us. Who? Go over to her site and find out.

And Jen in Michigan is bemoaning the quality of Hanukkah music (and she is in a position to moan about it). Wholly Burble is writing about a favorite Christmas song while Jenn in Holland is sharing an evening of gift and song with photographs!

Let me know if you are singing a song today as well and I'll link back to you.


Flower Child said...
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Flower Child said...

I was going to say this kid is like Danny Ainge - quite the firebrand but then realized Ainge wasn't as short as I remembered and quite combative. Know of any basketball players out there who are cooperative and short? Nothing coming to mind.

painted maypole said...

hooray for helpful dads!!

Jen of A2eatwrite said...

Sounds like the start of a wonderful season! And GO Little Live Wire!

And my Music Monday story is up, as well!

Jan said...

What fun !!! I love watching the little ones play their sports.


FENICLE said...

I love little fire-cracker's!!! Ok, I love watching them...not coaching them :)

Wholly Burble said...

Yes, I'm singing a Christmas song--just for the fun of it. Hope everyone will get a kick out of it.

Jenn in Holland said...

I have always felt that basketball was one big intricately choreographed dance, so stretching it to a song was not a big reach for me!
Well done.
What a kid and what a coach!

I am finally up and in with the musicality today!

Wholly Burble said...

Jan, over at Dreamweaver's blogspot figured out how to get YouTube to download late yesterday--but she took part for the first time in Music Monday--thought I'd let you know, she chose a good 'un :-)