Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Shouldn't have even thought it

While driving down the island to catch a mid-day ride on a sailing boat, we drove past the local hospital. I thought to myself "wow, our third year visiting this lovely place and we have yet to come to the emergency department."

I almost said it out loud to Amazing Guy but thought better of it. That would've jinxed us, you know.

Apparently thinking it was all we needed to be jinxed.

That evening, at the end of our rental house driveway, one of my sons caught the front wheel of his scooter (aka Razer) on the gap between the driveway and the street. He only landed on his hands. His reaction was different then anything I had seen by my kids before. No out and out wailing, no jumping up and down thrashing in pain. He just stood up then tucked his right arm to his belly and doubled over. He didn't cry out, didn't even look for comfort. Amazing Guy and I saw the entire thing from the front porch and our little man didn't seek us out at first.

But as the evening wore on it became apparent he was favoring his right wrist. Even in the middle of the night, after he had crawled into bed with us, I watched him stretch in his sleep. He fully stretched his left arm all the way to the wall but kept his right arm close to him.

Then I knew that I had jinxed us.

And doubly so. Because my little man had to spend nearly 5 hours in the little island hospital's emergency department.

On his 8th birthday.

[Update: Even after a visit to the orthopedist it is still only a "suspected" fracture of a growth plate but they treated it like one. He's wearing a splint all the time for three weeks then only during "active" times for one week.]


the dragonfly said...

Oh no! On his birthday no less. Hope his time in the splint passes quickly..

Goofball said...

ouch....and I did think of them that day (same birthday as my nephew)....but that didn't seem to have helped them in any bit either.

Flower Child said...

that's how I broke my wrist when I was 10! fragile things they are. bet he wishes he had a cast that everyone could sign! talk about show-and-tell

painted maypole said...


well, it will be a birthday he never forgets and a story he'll tell for years! ;)

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

oh no! poor thing!

Heather said...

I broke my wrist as a kid too. Hope he's doing okay with it.