Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The meaning of appliances

We were standing in the basement of the two-family we were living in. Amazing Guy and I were a few years into our marriage, long before children arrived in our lives, and had moved into a new apartment. Our friends rented the apartment on the second floor and they owned a washer and dryer. So Amazing Guy and I decided to buy our own set rather than schlep to the laundromat.

I thought I would hyperventilate.

For some reason buying appliances caused me to panic. It felt so permanent, so we-are-here-for-good, and I struggled with that loss of freedom. The ability to just pick up and move was gone. In my mind, a real moving company is needed to move a washer and dryer.

I grabbed a hold of Amazing Guy and told him how I felt. I admitted that this felt more permanent than our wedding.

He was horrified. "How can buying appliances be more permanent than getting married?" he asked.

Because I knew he was always game for an adventure. A washer isn't.

Happy anniversary Amazing Guy.


Heather.PNR said...

Hee--great story. I've definitely spent much more time deliberating appliance purchases than I did my husband's marriage proposal. I mean, I knew exactly what awesomeness I was getting with the marriage.

Happy anniversary to the both of you!

Heather said...

Happy Anniversary! September is a popular month!

Jami said...

Happy Anny!! And you're right - I've never known a dryer that was willing to just up and go to Nawlins for the weekend. Their loss!

Goofball said...

Happy anniversary!

Flower Child said...

You won't break the washer's heart if you just walk out one day. Happy Anniversary!

Craig said...

And I lasted longer than our dryer!

-Happy Anniversary

Jenn in Holland said...

Oh, Amen sister! You know how I feel about the accumulation of things in general, but most definitely about those things which tie you to a spot.
Happy Anniversary to a darling couple. (Even if you are rooted!)