Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"What's sexy?"

While listening to a Brazilian song with the lyric "girls be looking sexy, lookin' mighty fine", I heard the following question from the back of the van.

"Mom? What's 'sexy' mean?"

That was so easy to answer.

"Do you remember that last hotel we stayed in before vacation ended?"


"Do you remember how, when we were loading the car, you and your brother saw that lady leave the hotel?"

A much slower "yeah" came out of his mouth.

"Do you remember how she was wearing a short black skirt, really high heal shoes and a top that, um, made her breasts look big?"

Giggles were now coming from both 8-year-old boys in the back of the van. "Yeah" was barely uttered in between snorts.

"Remember how you and your brother couldn't stop looking at her? That was sexy for you."



Kate said...

Wow, good answer. I would have been speechless. Have they given you the "where do babies come from?" questions yet?

Ambassador said...

Holy Cow - you trying to make me spew coffee all over the keyboard and screen! That's one of the funniest - and most honest - responses I've ever heard.

Great way to put it into terms they TRULY understood. Now, what happens when they see another similar lady and one blurts out, "Mommy, she's sexy, too, right?"



soccer mom in denial said...

Kate -

We have had the "where do babies come from" conversation which led to its own hysterical conversation.

Ambassador mio caro -

Yes, my goal is to make you spew coffee in the morning. To be honest, I think the gal was, shall we say, leaving a job. She was very aware of two boys falling over themselves and I hope it made her day.

Goofball said...

excellent answer

Jami said...

My son is almost 13 and has never asked that question. We have had the "where babies come from ... and how they get there" and "boy-girl differences" talks, though. I DO know he's had several girlfriends in the past year, so I'm guessing he's already figured out the "sexy" part on his own.

soccer mom in denial said...

Goofball -

Thank you. I do try to tackle these questions head on. Good thing I noticed them oggling the woman earlier this month.

Jami -

Imagine if they kept going and asked me what/who I think is sexy! After saying "your dad!" they would've just lost it.

Jenn in Holland said...

I love the all knowing "OH" which came out. What a great story.
But can I ask you, why is that sexy?