Friday, October 03, 2008

Did you play Bingo?

Thanks to Flower Child, I had all four Palin Bingo cards, plus a make-your-own-blank-card to entertain me keep track of the issues.
How did I fill my blank card? When the Vice Presidential Candidate said during the debate:
Soccer Game

Quasi-Caved In

[she actually said a McCain/Palin administration would be tolerant]

Kitchen Table

Walk the Walk

Government is the Problem
[really? Who is proposing $850 BILLION to bail out Wall Street]

Joe Six Pack

Castro Brothers
[I have dibs on any hot sauce named "Castro Brothers"]

Darn Right


Ramp it Up

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Straight Up

[President of Iran]


World View



Tax Increase

Drill Baby Drill

Pointing the Finger

I even had a friend call me during the debate and yell "BINGO" after filling in "Special Education" from one of the pre-printed cards. My favorite line from the Governor of Alaska though?

"How long have I been at this for like 5 weeks?"


painted maypole said...

oh, i wish I had had a bingo card.

"darn right" killed me

and if I had a tax break for every time she WINKED...

soccer mom in denial said...
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soccer mom in denial said...

I KNOW - the WINKING!! What was up with the WINKING?!?

Kate said...

LOl! My huaband and I were yelling at the TV last night. Man did he sound like a talking puppet or what.

And how Darn nice of her to be so "tolerant", huh?

Jami said...

I got told twice: "Shut up! I really do want to hear this!" I had to go in another room to watch ... and yell at the TV.

Candy said...

She said Ahmadinejad's name at least 4 times in one sentence, proving to us all how smart she is.

soccer mom in denial said...

Jami -

The joys of digital recording - we could rewind after hearing something nutty. "Did she REALLY just say that?!?"

Candy -

HELLO! Yes. I was very relieved that she could SAY his name repeatedly in the same sentence. Such a relief.

Flower Child said...

I forgot to print cards! How she gritted her teeth when she said she was "tolerant". Ahmadenijad rolled off the tongue better.

Jenn in Holland said...

sorry, that's all I can think of whenever her name is mentioned.

I just got a great email fwd fwd fwd with a picture of her which says "if ya can't think-- WINK!"
I suppose that's the good that has come of this "what is it like 5 weeks?" at least we have a lot to make fun of!

Please don't let that country put her in office though. Please?