Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Oh how COULD they?

Now I am offended.

Really offended.

This week's New Yorker cover has me through the roof. Does it include racist stereotypes a la the summer cover of the Obamas?


It has an image of the Governor of Alaska looking out over lots and lots of land in, well, Alaska. And what does Barry Blit (illustrator of that infamous July cover) call his image?

A Room with a View.

Oh how I hope E.M. Forster doesn't roll in his grave.


Flower Child said...

well, dontcha know you can see Russia from her house there. that little red blob back there. shoo! go on back over there. love the cover!

Flower Child said...

sorry, that was me channeling Tina Fey.

Tyler said...

Offended by that cover? Are you serious?

Personally, I think that "the Alaska cover" is a cute play on the famous Steinberg New Yorker cover that reinforces Palin's essential cluelessness and provincialism. Not one of their "great ones", but certainly not one to find offensive.

As to the brilliant "Politics of Fear" cover, I felt then that it was absolutely perfect satire that showed exactly how ridiculous the effective low-level whisper campaign against Obama's life was.

I wrote a defense column about that cover in an obscure Democratic blog (from that link, it starts with the fourth post in the thread) and while several others disagreed with me then, I believe that that cover has almost singlehandedly removed such topics from all serious discussion. By illuminating the subject and making it obviously stupid, that cover was the most successful piece of publication to end the "quiet" character assassination against Obama that had been going on for almost a year.

soccer mom in denial said...

Uh...Tyler..... I was kidding. I was "mad" that Blit titled something about Palin after my favorite book of all time.

But really, I was joking. I guess I should add an "attempt at humor" tag.

Ambassador said...

SMID - He could have made it funnier and therefore more palatable to you if he'd named it "Womb with a View", perhaps?

Heeheehee...OK, not so funny.

Hugs. I got your joke, tho'.

Tyler said...

If good satire requires that someone take it seriously, then -- by my overbearing reaction -- you wrote some mighty good satire.

I wasn't certain that you were serious, but I wasn't certain that you weren't. I guess I've been reading too many people who take themselves too seriously.

I stand a bit chagrined, and you continue to retain my admiration. Thanks. :-)

soccer mom in denial said...

Dearest Tyler,

I never aspire to good satire, just being funny will do. You would've had to gone deep into the back posts to know about my love of all things Forster.

And you never EVER need to stand corrected. I'm just so glad you visit and leave comments.

Ambassador -

Womb with a View - that's funny.

AB said...

Whew! I am glad I read your comment section on this one. You had me worried there for a second!

Flower Child said...

Womb with a View! I love it!

Jenn in Holland said...

D'ya think she'll "tolerate" fag hags if elected? Well do ya now?