Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Sad, lonely, por"

One of my second grade sons came home with the following completed assignment. The photocopied cover had the title blacked out so he and his classmates didn't know the name of the book.

Book Cover Investigation

Today you looked at the cover of a classroom book. I want you to think about what you see and feel when you look at it. Think about and answer these questions.

Who do you think the main character will be in the story?

I think the main charcter (sic) is the boy on the front cover.

Write 3 things that describe this character:
Por (poor)

Where do you think the story takes place?

I think the story takes place in a desert in egypt.

Write three details from the picture that support your idea.

Theres a camel and it looks realy hot. [Mom note: only two there].

Do you think the main character has a problem?


What do you think this story will be about?

A child in the desert.

How does this picture make you feel when you look at it?

It makes me feel sad.

Name 3 specific things from the cover that make you feel that way.

The boy is homeless.
He looks sad.
There lost. (this week the class is studying "they're" for spelling)

And while I am incredibly proud of this little man's empathy, I'm a bit worried about his view of the world. He sounds like a weary old man in these answers. A weary old man at age 8.


Ambassador said...

Such empathy...

And then the teacher in me kicks into overdrive to point out that what "looks like" poor in one country (the U.S) might not in another. Here's a boy who has been trusted with a camel - and there are supplies perhaps in the pack on the camel's back. What do you think might be in those packs? Why do you think he's sitting on the sand with the camel? Are they resting? Waiting? Watching out?

I know...I get carried away with teachable moments...

soccer mom in denial said...

You are absolutely correct that his response is a very US suburban lense. You didn't get carried away at all.

Heather said...

What an interesting exercise!

Mariposa said...

Oh my...I answered it like your boy...and IT Guy kicked me and reminded me the way Ambassador did.

I'm just on my other side of the pendulum I guess...