Thursday, May 07, 2009

Went to Nashville and visited Greece

One of the stranger things that came out of the 19th century are the remnants of World Fairs. Cities would compete to host these events. Devil in the White City was an incredible account of what Chicago did to get the 1893 World's Fair. Some cities would create something new - e.g. the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the first Ferris Wheel in Chicago - to make their Fairs memorable while others would bring the world to them.

Like the full replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, Tennessee. And as if to stress that this replica was built in the late 1890's, a guy rode up to us atop a replica of am early bicycle - one of those huge front wheel cycles with tiny back wheel and no chain to connect the two wheels. He let everyone who wanted to sit on it have a turn. And he just did it. No request for money. He wasn't part of any formal organization. Just a guy with a "penny-farthing" bike.

After Atlanta, we were back in Nashville to visit Amazing Guy's wonderful brother, his talented wife and their adorable two-year-old twin girls. Yes, marvel at the fact that two out of three brothers in Amazing Guy's family have twins.

We thought it was a brilliant idea to get the five cousins coordinated outfits, sit them on the steps of the Parthenon and take a happy photo. Early on we plopped a girl cousin on the lap of a boy cousin and started taking photos. What transpired was a 5-year-old girl sobbing in the middle because she didn't have a girl to hold. Which led to the girl cousins balling hysterically and trying to get off their boy cousins' laps. And boy cousins who wouldn't let go of the screaming toddlers because they didn't want to get yelled at for dropping a kid.

And those boys have the most plastered take-the-picture-now smiles they could muster. They got gold stars for being the only ones who played along with the plan.

So we grabbed the balls out of our mini-van and took photos of the kids chasing each other, kicking the balls and generally being silly. And in one of those 500+ photos taken by me or my lovely sister-in-law there is an awesome photo of the five cousins.

I just haven't found it yet.

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