Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hearing the love

One of the outcomes from a birthday party is hearing folks say how much they like the birthday CD.

During preschool pick-up, a dad followed us up the stairs to retrieve his son's belongings. I had my entire crew with me. His son came to little lady's birthday party.

"I LOVE the birthday CD!" he practically shouted at us.

He then told us how he plays it at work. His work is a construction site. I think he is at least the foreman if not the actual company owner. So clearly he gets to chose what music is played on the site.

"Yeah. And there is this one guy who just grumbles when 'Barack Obama' comes on. He tells me to turn it off." There was a pronounced pause between the "to" and "turn" which the kids didn't pick up on. I assume there is a swear that began with an f between those two words.

"Why?" asks one of my sons incredulously.

"Did he," my 8-year-old asks with grave seriousness, "did he vote for [pause to clearly wrap his head around this]

John McCain?!?" with complete horror to his voice.

"Yes. I think he did" answers the dad.

And we all - including the dad - sang "Barack Obama" in the preschool hallway.


Goofball said...


UUbuntu said...

Funny -- I know the look of complete bewilderment your son gave. During the 1976 campaign (I was 17), I visited my cousin in New Hampshire, and asked me if I preferred Ford or "Reegan"? I started to say that neither was a very good choice and he looked at me with complete disbelief and said "you don't support {bewildered pause} a Democrat?". It was as if that idea was completely foreign to him.

Today, he and I are on the same page politically, and he's amusingly defensive about that youthful statement.

Heather said...

That's hilarious. I love to mess with people like that.