Saturday, August 12, 2006

Driving by for Peace

One night my son suggested we all draw after dinner. "What should we draw?" I asked. "Posters for peace!" said the other one, "That way President Bush will see them when he drives by."

We live in one of the bluest states in the country. There is no way the President will drive by and see our little posters for Peace.

"Why do you want to draw these?"

"Because of the picture in the paper. The one with the man carrying the woman." He was describing a photo on the front page of our local newspaper.

I've tried for years to shield my children from the news. They never heard about the tsunami in 2004. I turn off the radio so we can't hear news from the Middle East and we usually hide the newspaper. Although clearly I didn't get the picture with the photographer carrying the elderly woman out of view.

Now as almost 6-year-olds they are old enough. To talk about wars, natural disasters and other calamities. Because they believe that posting hand drawn Peace signs will make President Bush stop all the fighting.


Chip Peterson said...

O man - President Bush is'nt going to end the Iraq war over peace signs. He's going to do somthing stupid like let the generals on the ground decide when to make major foreign policy decisions.

soccer mom in denial said...

Remember - 5 years old. They 5 years old.

bento_mama said...

Congrats to you -- this speaks volumes of what kind of kids you are raising. Job well done, mom!