Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Yaz: music or medicine?

This is horrible. I love '80's music too much. Particularly angst ridden techo.

Midnight it's raining outside he must be soakin' wet

And not because it is some hip retro funny thing to listen to at clubs. Like, oh, 70's music.

Everyone is sleeping tight, God knows I tried my best

No, because I actually remember when the songs came out, on radio, and we bought the records (funny vinyl things) that we flipped over when we wanted to listen to the other 5 songs on the second side.

Darling you know, it looks bad, just I lost the best thing that I ever had...

So much to my horror, I found in this month's Jane magazine an ad for Yaz. I thought it was about Yaz, as in Yazoo, the British band with singer Allison Moyet and keyboardist extraordinaire Vince Clark (now with Erasure).

No, it is a birth control pill.

What's next - a condom named Depeche Mode? A diaphragm called Spandau Ballet?


Ambassador said...

Dear Denying Mom--It kind of gives new meaning to "I keep on whispering your name..."

You gave me the best laugh of the day. Bald guy in NOLA

soccer mom in denial said...

Bald guy,

You could really do some damage with old songs or names. Any suggestions?

Ambassador said...

1. Stacy Q Tips
2. A-Ha Breath Spray
3. Erasure Wrinkle Cream
4. Big Country Chewing Tobacco
5. Thompson Twins Silicone Implants
6. Bronski Beat Heart Defibrilator
7. Culture Club Low-Fat Yogurt
8. Men at Work Deodorant
9. Human League Staffing Agency
10. Dead or Alive Bounty Hunters

Sorry for all the puns, especially the "twins". This was way too much fun. Thank you for that! Baldie

Jenn said...

speaking of Yaz, i hate the commericial where they are in a bar and doing the usual prescription drug lines like they are chatting. as if anyone actually says "Drospirenone may raise potassium levels in your blood" and then takes another sip of their mixed drink.
ok, maybe some people. like doctors. but not scanitily dressed women at a bar!

soccer mom in denial said...

Jenn - watch out, you'll be amazed the crazy things people will talk about. Especially over drinks...

Ambassador - you and your man need to start reading more women's fashion magazine. You two would have a field day (and you couldn't resist with Thompson Twins).

Now I challenge folks to come up with corresponding jingles!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

ha ha ... I thought of Alison and Vince too when i say that. We are such musical soulmates.

Amy Barry said...

Oooohh - I think maybe Ambassador should go into advertising - those are tooo funny! On second thought though, please don't! Yaz for bc is bad enough!