Thursday, August 31, 2006

Funny thing

So, we go on vacation to escape - work, our dirty house, routine, endless Katrina-themed retrospectives - to what?

A new friend named Ernesto. Now we're under a tornado watch until 5 am tomorrow morning. One kid was still awake when we learned this so we just explained that if need be we'll be using the bathtub next to the boys' room to hide from the wind.

Just what I want him to remember from his vacation.


Ambassador said...

Be safe, my friend...take care of your brood. And know that we are thinking about you--the parallels and irony are staggering sometimes.

Wait to you see the play your boys write about this vacation...I smell a Tony! Love, Baldie

soccer mom in denial said...

While it was pretty flooded, we were able to get out with just some soggy tales of wind and rain.

Thanks for your wishes. Love right back.