Monday, August 28, 2006

Not so bad

As I was standing next to the van waiting for the men to return from yet another potty break on this drive to a different part of our glorious nation, a woman who was smoking with some other women asked me if the boys were twins. She told me she was the mother of 14-year-old twin girls and that they would fight in the car when they were little.

She said that years ago their fighting was so bad she pulled over the car, made them walk to the front of the car, "bungy-corded them to the grill" and threatened to drive like that if they didn't stop fighting.

"I don't know why I just told you that. But then it's not like you know me."

I'm not sure why she told me but it sure made me feel like I deserve the mother medal of the year for not having tied the kids to the front of the car during the previous 15 hours of driving. And don't worry, I didn't the last 2 hours either. The bungy cord was busy keeping the portable crib together.


Melanie (Stone) Perry said...

the punishment from my mom... forcing us to sit with our arms around each other, hugging silently until we could apologize. ;) She was a cruel, cruel woman. (sis and I are about 17mos apart, but, everyone assumed we were twins)

soccer mom in denial said...

Ahh... punishment through love. I've got to try that one. Thanks Melanie.