Thursday, November 02, 2006

Gift bags

It is getting out of hand.

My guys were picked up from school for a playdate with a friend. The mom graciously fed them dinner (well, McDonald's) and brought them to soccer practice where I met them. They ran to our van with gift bags filled with candy and plastic toys. Like they need candy. Or more plastic crap.

This was a playdate. I'm already of the belief that birthday party goody bags are completely out of hand. One family insisted we bring our toddler to their 7-year-old's party. As we were leaving the mom handed her a gift bag with a large Care Bear in it. She wasn't even an invited guest.

The boys' soccer coach gave every player a Halloween gift bag. She spends every Monday evening and Saturday morning with 9 boys, none of whom are related to her. Her own son had to drop out due to knee problems. I sincerely think she is amazing. She does not need to give the kids anything more.

Gift bags are just ridiculous.


Kate said...

Could not agree more!! It's all about out-doing each other. Who has a bigger car, a bigger house, cuter kids, better birthday parties, and alas, better gift bags!

soccer mom in denial said...

I actually think some people do it because they believe or have bought into that is how you show affection in this commercialized era. The beloved soccer coach doesn't have an ego like that.

I also think some do it so they or their kids will be liked. A sad commentary that being together as friends isn't good enough.

And yes, some do it for the bigger-is-better competition.

Glad to have a kindred spirit on this one.