Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sugar cereal for lunch

I'm bordering on apopletic.

Every Wednesday I give each boy $1.75 to buy pizza and milk at school. While they think this is a huge treat, the treat is really for me because it means one day a week that I don't have to make their lunch.

Tonight when I picked them up, they proudly announced they had cereal for lunch. Not Raisin Bran or Muslix. No. One guy announced he had Cocoa Crisps while the other had Lucky Charms. Dry. They drank chocolate milk. No fruit. No vegetable. Pure sugar cereal. With chocolate milk.

This parochial school has to be kidding. There is an obesity problem in this country and they are serving Cocoa Crisps as a meal?

So, while I commend my guys for their honestly, there was no treat after dinner. They had more than enough sugary treats for one day. They had extra helpings of green beans and plain skim milk. I am writing a note to both of their teachers and plan to complain to the principal. The school is suppose to be part of the team to help kids learn good eating habits.

I will be eating my dinner after they all go to bed. It'll be my favorite. A bowl of Mini-Wheats. With plain skim milk. Then I'll write the letters.


maggie said...

Last year our school offered cereal for lunch. We where very disappointed this year that it isn't an option. LOL. What a bad mom I am. Most days my kids bring lunch but on occasion they opt to buy. I assumed cereal with milk was no worse then the "Italian" dippers they offer.

soccer mom in denial said...

That assumes they actually had MILK with the cereal. And plain, skim milk at that.

I've got the number for the food services. They're getting a call tomorrow. I just heard that some of their classmates who only buy lunch have been getting the sugar cereal every day this week.