Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Red Snake Skin Cowboy Boots

I've got these boots.

They were given to me by a friend who, since she was coming out of the closet, decided to clean out her closet. According to her, lesbians didn't wear red snake skin cowboy boots. I took advantage of her fashion misstep.

However, I didn't wear them for a year. I kept them in the closet.

Then one Sunday I wore them. I ran into one of my least favorite classmates from graduate school. She was judgmental with a fake happy veneer. She was looking down and saw the boots first. She was horrified. Then she looked up and saw me. Immediately she had a big, fake smile "Oh HI!"

I fell in love with the boots.

And I judge a person based on their response to the boots. Guess I'm judgmental too.


Ambassador said...

I've loved those boots from the first time I saw you wearing them...but then again, you and I have a special shoe-relationship, as you are still the only woman in my life for whom I've ever bought shoes! (That was some wedding reception...)
Love and fabulous footwear, your Ambassador

Kate said...

That's great! Sometimes it's good to rattle people. Good for you!

maggie said...

I wish a had a pair. Those would look great with a skirt or a pair of jeans. I hate running into old classmates. eeer. The mindless small talk.