Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Malign the gyros

As I bit into my lunch today, I bit down on some bone. At first I thought it was from the gyros. Then, feeling my back molar with my tongue, I thought it was my filling with some tooth because the tooth felt really sharp.

I got the gyros from a place recommended by a colleague. He asked me what I thought of the gyros. I told him it was a little dry and that I initially suspected bone in the meat (pretty odd for a gyros) but then figured it was my tooth.

Don't malign the gyros. He said. He's a fan of this place.

So I left work early, dragged my dad to the dentist since I couldn't go to her office and get to my kids in time. He sat in the car to finish listening to Terry Gross on NPR (I do love this man) while I went in. I fully expected to be in her chair for an hour getting novocain, drilled and slapped with metal.

I thought that I had crossed that old folk line. It always seemed to me that old people had problems with their teeth - a cracked tooth from biting something, a filling coming out, general teeth woes - and having a filling break on a gyros seemed to signal I was ready to sign up for an honorary AARP membership (for the record, I'm 37).

However, my tooth was fine. Apparently that back molar is particularly sharp (which I never noticed).

Guess what colleague - I get to malign the gyros.


Kate said...

Yuck, that would have definitely made me gag. Nothing worse than the unexpected "crunch".

Jenn said...

i\'ve had some bad teeth experiences. compounded by bad dental insurance.

a root canal and im not even 25, what the hell!