Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Silence of the Lambs

When it is quiet during the day - too quiet - we call it Silence of the Lambs.

Early last month I found the boys in the attic. This is a dangerous place in our house. The stairs are steep and the attic is unfinished with exposed insulation, unfinished wood floors and boxes piled everywhere just waiting to fall. They were going through their dad's saved Star Wars figures and baseball cards

More recently, I came upstairs to find one son fly out of the bathroom and crawl under the covers on his bed. The other was sitting on the toilet with this big I've-been-caught-but-maybe-you-won't-notice grin.

He had a big clump of hair on his shoulder.

They had been cutting each other's hair with nail scissors.

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Jenn said...

Last Easter my nephews were suddenly very quiet, followed by the ominous \"uhh ohh!\"

They had flushed a bouncy ball down the toilet. A big one. My Dad spent the next two hours trying to snake it out and then giving up and buying my sister a new toilet. Such a great Easter gift.

Just make sure they don\'t get Harper\'s curls!