Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Definition of a Fag Hag

I do miss those days. When I would get all dolled up and go dancing with incredibly good-looking men who didn't want a thing from me. Accept maybe to confirm that the cute guy across the room is really cute. And interested in them.

So this from the New York Times about the closing of the Roxy dance club just was too much fun:

The doors opened at 10 p.m. sharp, and a thick column of men and the odd female friend here and there advanced up the sloping entry hall, checked their coats and dispersed on the dance floor.

That's right folks, "the odd female friend". All of us odd female friends should get up on the loudspeakers (or in my case an overturned Lego box) and yell

We're Fag Hags and Proud!


Ambassador said...

I have many incredible women in my life, some of whom revel in claiming the title of Fag Hag--and others who bristle at the expression.

Whichever your side, it boils down to this: I doubt I have ever had more staunch defenders, greater allies and truer friends who've seen me through my darker days and giddier nights. And tho' I don't tell them all often enough, I doubt I'd be half the man I am today without them.

And for that, I am eternally grateful...

And, just so you know, Soccer Mom...I miss those days too...your Ambassador

soccer mom in denial said...

Aww... shucks ambassador.

Kate said...

You are too funny. You wear your nickname well!

soccer mom in denial said...

Thanks lady.

Funny how folks won't comment on THIS one!

Red Dot in Oregon said...

Fag Hag - what a wonderful term. I've often wondered about it's origin. Do you know??? I don't. But it is so perfect. As a man who has been married to a Fag Hag for over 22 years, I can attest to the relationship between Hags and their men. Some of my oldest friends are the men Donna brought with her in to our relationship. Each one a gift - and wickedly funny. My advice... if you don't have a Fag Hag in your life (whether you are gay or straight), get one.

Your former interim COO

Gunfighter said...

My sister is has been a fag hag all her life.

It's funny, though... I haven't heard the term used in years. Which is probably because I have lived in the Virginia suburbs for going on 13 years.

Amy Barry said...

I miss being a fag hag:(. There just are not many openly gay guys (or scenes) in Central Oregon. One of my only complaints and second thoughts when we moved here was the lack of diversity. Especially having grown up in Seattle (LOVED going to Neighbors back in the early 90s) and later having lived in San Fran before moving here.

Stacy said...

My wife prefers the term "fruit fly".