Friday, March 02, 2007

Smell of beer

"Mom! They're putting in new soap in all the bathrooms at school!" yells one boy because that is the only way they seem to communicate. By yelling.


"Yeah! Foam soap!" Yells the other even though I am three feet away and there is not another sound in the house. Although with their volume you would think they were trying to talk over a jack-hammer. In the living room.

"Yeah! And it smells like beer!"

This is when I look at my 6 1/2 year old sons and ask "How do you know what beer smells like? Someone told you that."

And this is where I am grateful that they can't pull one over me yet. Their eyes cannot lie. They were clearly in a bathroom today with a friend who made that statement. Maybe he was were trying to think of the yuckiest smell. Or the one that would make grown-ups upset. But they didn't want to rat on their buddy.


One finally yells "Daddy did!! He let us smell his beer!"


Too bad your daddy's alcohol of choice is bourbon.


chelle said...

hehehe that is cute ... is foam really better though?!?!?

Jenn said...


kids are so ridiculous!

Jodi said...

Smells like beer, I love it.