Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Twin humor

We've discovered that Junie B. has moved on to first grade. My guys haven't fully embraced chapter books so that is a section of the library we don't usually visit. However, while one guy was finding more books on ancient Egypt, the other was looking at the Magic Tree House books when he grabbed two Junie B. books.

The first book has her starting first grade, relieved to see last year's best friend, Lucille, in her classroom. Lucille won't have anything to do with her because she has new best friends, Camille and Chenille. When the identical twin sisters walk in, Junie B. yells


Then it goes on,
"Come on, Lucille! Let's go touch them! Hurry! Hurry! Before a line forms!"

(All caps and exclamation points are from the book.)

We stared at each other. I immediately thought of all the times people stare and point at the guys. All the times kids yell "LOOK MOMMY THEY'RE TWINS!!" or when adults say "How can you tell them apart?" Or my favorite (hear my teeth grind) "Oh no! Double trouble!" Thanks so much for implying my kids are trouble.

I then burst into side-splitting hysterics. The boys joined in. I sputtered something about how people do this to them all the time. They each yelped "I know!" "Yeah!" and "Ouch, my side hurts."

Thanks Junie B. One good laugh.


Jenn said...

I'm sure you get even more annoying comments since your boys have red hair. My second cousins on my Mom's side all have red hair. Like fire red.

But the point is people always assume it means you have a crazy personality, which to some extent may be true, but also may be a product of people treating you like you should act like a firecracker constantly from birth.

PS, dont come to China if these things annoy you. Youd be lucky to not have strangers here actual manhandle the kids.

soccer mom in denial said...

It's funny in Italy, people practically attacked us with ohhs and ahhs, rubbing the boys' heads (they were 3 at the time). However there it was always out of joy to see the kids, never that freak show, pointing fingers we get here.

And yes, I will admit, the red hair, bright blue eyes and pale skin do make my kids look like a two-some from a Stephen King novel!

chelle said...

awww hehe!
I can imagine!
We get a lot comments about Becca's glasses (exceptionally annoying ones about how no BABY should have to wear glasses, like she is a baby! And even so...why?)

Alex Elliot said...

So of course now I just have to ask, are your boys identical twins? My older son's hair started to get really curly at 6 months and has been ever since and people are always commenting on it.

Gunfighter said...

Junie B. rules in our house!