Monday, March 12, 2007

My new (blog) toy

I've got this new toy that is so much fun.

It is a (free) map that shows who is visiting my web site. I've just moved it up from the bottom of the page to under the fancy image of my fabulous red cowboy boots.

Now, a dear friend is reading me from China so that explains the dot over there. And another in New Orleans.

But get this. There is a dot in Spain! And another in South Africa. And India. If any of you have a friend in South America who could look at my site, please promote me. Then I'll have a red dot on every continent (except Antarctica).

Big thanks to Gunfighter for having this on his web site. I've been enjoying his posts in the monthly Blog Exchange (you haven't laughed until you read his March post).

And check out all the hits Jose gets. And yes, his dot in China is a mutual friend.


Gunfighter said...

I have lots of dots in China... and I don't know a SOUL there.

soccer mom in denial said...

Who knows? Maybe my friend is promoting you!!

Gunfighter said...

Fat chance... it's probably one of the legions of hackers employed by the People's Liberation Army.

Alex Elliot said...

I guess you're just getting a plain old MA dot from me :)

Jenn said...

Woot, I love maps!