Thursday, August 16, 2007

Independence Day

Yesterday, August 15th, is Independence Day. The celebration of the end of Great Britain's rule as a colonizer and the start of a new democracy.

August 15th is Independence Day in India.

The Sunday before the actual day, the local India Association hosts an annual celebration at the same location as the local pops orchestra puts on a little 4th of July concert. It is only appropriate that both days of independence be celebrated in the same place.

Only this one is a little different than the latter extravaganza you may have seen on television.

There is something pretty amazing to see dancers in full Bollywood glamour at the Hatch Shell. And the food. Even this non-foodie loves Indian food.

This year though the kids and I took a risk. We sought out the tables in the back of the green space and watched the women create their art. Then we shyly asked if we could get some. One of them graciously welcomed us, patiently decorated our hands then gently applied a lemon paste on them after 15 minutes.

We got henna tattoos.

And we all brag about them.


Alex Elliot said...

I wish I had known about it. It sounds like so much fun. Next year.

Brillig said...

Well OF COURSE you brag about them! They're fantastic! What a cool celebration. And what a cool mom for taking the fam to such a thing!

chelle said...

Those henna tattoos are awesome! Glad you went out to celebrate!

Fourier Analyst said...

Aren't yawl spiffy! But now I'm to breakfast!

Jenn in Holland said...

I love Henna tattoos! A good friend of mine does them here and we have loved getting painted often. Sooooooo gorgeous!
What a grand celebration.

Goofball said...


and now I crave for Indian food!

Ambassador said...

Mmm...Indian food AND body art? Sounds like a winning expedition to me! I see you got the coolest tattoo of the bunch!

Love, your Ambassador.

Jami said...

Love henna tats! Y'all got some GREAT ones.

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

I love the one on the palm.

Jen said...

I love the bindi art! Very cool!

Here's a fascinating India Independence Day post from one of my former students who is Indian-American... it's pretty darned interesting:

Flower Child said...

A couple of friends (you know well) and I used to throw an annual Pakistan/India Independence Day party - since Pakistan's is the day before India. I represented the Americans - always in the middle. Had lots of yummy food but we never thought to do henna - that would have been fantastic!