Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Mrs. Sally Pond's Grave

Here lies Interr'd the Body
of Mrs. SALLY POND Con(s)ort
Departed this Life Janry 1st
1774 Aged 31 Years
Likewife of two of there Children. Viz
ABIGAIL Aged 20 & SALLY Aged 21 Days.
Under this Stone confin'd doth Lie
Three subjects of Death's Tyrany.
The Mother who in this clo(s)e Tomb
Sleeps with the ofspring of her Womb
Whereby we see Death's Cruelty
In cutting of both fruit and Tree
Yet all his mallice will prove Vain
For Tree and fruit shall spring Again.

In the old town cemetary.
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Leslie said...

Grave stones from years past are so interesting. This one gives such detail. Sad and beautiful at the same time.

Lori said...

"Azzzz youuuuu wishshshshshsh!"

This wouldn't happen to be Rockport, MA, would it?

chelle said...

Cool gravestone passage ... ALMOST makes me want to be buried .... nah :) The picture is amazing!

Fourier Analyst said...

I wanna visit where you live. Great Pix. Love the new site too!!

Jenn in Holland said...

That rocks! hehe.
Really, I love the detail and it's amazing all of that can still be read after all these years!
Great shot. And I love the little peek of a red head behind the stone!

soccer mom in denial said...

Leslie my favorite buckaroo. You captured how I felt looking at their shared head stone.

Lori - "Never get in a land war in Asia!" Sorry, I think you're starting something here. And no, this is my hometown. These little cemetaries are pretty common around Boston, MA.

Chelle - we don't want you buried. You can't blog from there.

FA - I want you to visit me. Fall is a lovely time to come.

JiH - well of course it rocks - it is made of stone!

Jen said...

Yes, I love this photo and have been loving the ones on Looking Into. I sent you guys some linky love today.

I also love the inscription. Some of the inscriptions from old East Coast cemetaries are absolutely fascinating.

Lori said...

Soccer Mom, check your lookinginto email for more on my previous comment. I figured out why I thought this gravestone was so familiar.

Jenn said...

holy - that's nuts! 1774? and still so clear and legible? beautiful passage too. hm, I think I know where we'll go walking this weekend...