Friday, August 24, 2007

Birthday CDs

As the moms dropped off the kids for last week's birthday party at the ballpark (which ended up being rained out, causing one of my boys to declare "that was the worst birthday party EVER!" Phew. Glad we took care of the worst birthday by age 7) I told them of our family's custom, instead of "goodie bags" full of small plastic lead-covered toxic toys from China - and candy that rubs against them - we give out CDs with the boys' favorite tunes from the previous year.

"Oh thank goodness!" declared a mom who only the previous month had handed just such a bag of candy and toy crap to both my sons after her boy's birthday party. "I wouldn't want him to have more sugar!"

Gee lady. Thanks for being so considerate after your kid's party.

Here are the songs we gave after the rained out baseball game birthday party last week:

1. Opening Dialogue – Johnny Cash
2. Paul Revere - Johnny Cash
3. Welcome Table – Dan Zanes with Blind Boys from Alabama
4. Get'cha Head in the Game – Troy from HSM
5. I'll Make a Man Out of You – Donny Osmond from Mulan
6. I Don't Want Your Millions Mister – Dan Zanes
7. The Tide is High – ska version
8. Higher Ground – The Blind Boys of Alabama
9. The Battle of New Orleans – Johnny Cash
10.Hello My Baby – Ladysmith Black Mambazo
11.Big Foot – Johnny Cash
12.Reaching for the Stars – Johnny Cash
13.These are My People – Johnny Cash

For a select few there is an extra song (really because iTunes throws a fit after you make 7 copies thus requiring another song to be added to the playlist).

14. Sunday Girl - Erasure

And I always end the list the same.

Compiled by Mistress Mom.


Hey I have to ask - why did yesterday's post generate so few comments? Do you have something against iPods? Basing music purchases on advertisement? Is there a backlash against music from Puerto Rico (eek! they speak Spanish!)? Or reggaeton? Only the marvelous Jen from A2eatwrite commented (I told Jenn in Holland not to comment because I complained in an email to her. She honored that). Thank you Jen with one "n"!


Real Life Drama Queen said...

Love the list of songs. I didn't comment yesterday, because I didn't manage to make it over here. I like the song if it helps.

Leslie said...

I love the birthday cd idea! Julia is so into music...that would probably be as much a remembrance of the year as a scrapbook or journal would be. Music has a way of just taking you to a time and place.

As for yesterday's post, I didn't realize the video was there (it didn't show up in my bloglines) and I just clicked on through to the photo blog. I have nothing against iPods. I'm in love with my iPod. I think we might create peace in the world if we could somehow issue every human being their very own iPod and the staples of good music.

Oh and I do like the song. My current infatuation is with The Polyphonic Spree thanks to Angela at Fluid Pudding. My favorite song of theirs was in a car commercial.

Leslie said...

And Jen with one n is a comment goddess. Don't you just love her?

Flower Child said...

I din't comment b/c I was too embarrassed to admit that I've bought songs from tv ads.

and the CD idea is great - I told another mom about it last weekend (after her kid came home with yet another goody bag (at the age of 2!) full of candy etc). granted, the parents themselves tend to raid the goody bag and she did get one very cool tiara from another. I think they will be doing CDs in the future. more plastic in your house but smaller and so much more useful.

Jen said...

I LOVE this list! Your boys have taste, lol! For my DS's 13th b'day I put together a CD of faves from when I turned 13 - he wasn't that impressed, but all my exchange daughters (and son) loved getting copies and thought it was "retro-cool."

Also, that's such a creative goodie bag suggestion! It would make a very cool gift for wedding parties, too - a CD compiled by the bride and groom - what fun! Or have a baby shower where everyone brought in mixes of favorite kids music... ooooo you've got me on a roll!

CableGirl said...

What a great idea for a goodie bag. I'll have to remember that when MJ gets old enough to actually have a clue abotu her party. This year (her irst) we're keeping it simple. NO gifts. Donate to a charity in her name instead.

As for yesterday's post... I didn't really check any sites yesterday. I'm going trough my google reader now. :)

Jami said...

Ummm...I don't have an iPod? Is that a good excuse? OK - how about "too busy"? Can I get that one to stick?

Oh, too lazy is all you'll accept? OK, fine - be that way!

Jenn in Holland said...

Dang, that's a cool playlist!
As you know, we hoarked that idea straight from you this year for Andrew's b-day giveaway and it was a giant hit. I still am getting thank you's from our friends several months later. The kids really enjoy the music! So, thanks again to you for sharing a fabulous idea!

And the no more sugar woman? Hahahahahahah!

And now, since I didn't (as per your request) comment on yesterday's post, I would like to share a haiku in honor of it now:

Music blasts from my earphones
I love my iPod.

Fourier Analyst said...

Okay, I confess. I didn't listen to the ipod stuff, but I do have a good reason: the Firefox browser I use is not set up to view videos, music, MP3, etc. If I want to look at them, then I have to open my Explorer browser. And as I usually read all my favorites at once in my Firefox browser, I never got around to opening you embedded file. Did it today. Very good moving music, but too short. Now I'll have to go out and find the whole song. You sure make a lot of work for me lady!!

Love the birthday CD idea. Will be stealing it this year!!

I did, however, check out the Photoblog and saw Ambassador's lovely bug pic! Not a fan of bug'S myself, but recognize the talent it takes to get such a great shot!!

Rebecca said...

toxic lead covered toys from China??? yikes. is this something I should know about?

The cd idea is brilliant.