Friday, April 11, 2008

All Politics are Local

So, all of you Obama and Clinton fans - you are working on local campaigns too? Right? I mean, you don't actually think a President Obama or President Clinton (or shudder, President McCain) will really care about or do anything about potholes in your streets, funding for your schools or libraries, or how open space is preserved?

Because you know that all politics is local. Right? You know that? Please tell me you know that and that you know what type of local government you have (e.g. mayor, selectmen, town meeting). And who the people are that manage your town funds, determine the values and priorities of your schools and represent your local interests in state government.

Because you know all of that, right?

I'm disappearing again - AGAIN you collectively groan - because in the next 36 hours I want a certain candidate elected for Selectman of our town. I am dragging my daughter to play in his campaign office today while I type who has committed to vote for him into a spreadsheet. I've agreed to be anywhere on election day this Saturday - in the rain according to forecasts - to ensure that he is fully supported. I will even spend hours on the phone calling people to ask them to haul themselves out of their warm homes, go into the cold, raw rain, and vote.

Because this man will ensure that smart decisions are made about our schools, our town infrastructure and how our local government conducts itself.

Something none of the presidential candidates care about.

But I do.

So that is why I am voting for, and have worked for 2 months and am working the next 36 hours for, Paul.


Jenn said...

Is this the twin of The Dot author?

Goofball said...

what do you mean "which type of local government" mean there's different types? across states or within states?


wow, this is news to me. But I do know the organisation in Belguim though: same structure in all towns fortunately. with elections every 6 years of the town council in all towns at the same moment. The 2-3 biggest political parties make a coalition and the leader of the biggest party becomes mayor usually.

Jami said...

I forgot - what is it I'm supposed to know again? :)

citizen jane said...

BRAVA! I have worked on a number local campaigns over the years -- my first job out of college was running the campaign office of a mayoral candidate.

And BRAVA! for introducing your kids to the political process and getting them involved -- what a great lesson in civics they're learning. Awesome.

soccer mom in denial said...

Jenn -
Yes, Paul is the identical twin brother of Peter, author of The Dot and Ish and illustrator of the Judy Moody series. Fortunately, they have completely different hairstyles these days so they are very easy to tell apart.

Goofball -
You would be AMAZED at the variety of local governments in the USA. Here in my state, everything is very town/city based - counties are irrelevant accept involving the court system. In other parts of the US all government is based on counties. And the structure to govern is wide and varied.

Jami -
What? You didn't like my soapbox speech? I think I need to start to give people warnings - SOAPBOX SPEECH! DUCK!!

Citizen Jane -
Thanks for the Brava. I asked around and heard it was o.k. to bring the kids to the polls-are-closed party. I want them to see our candidate gracious regardless of the outcome.

So think of me at 7:00AM Saturday morning as I sit behind the poll workers and check off who is voting. It will help us figure out early on if our supporters are coming to the polls.

Gunfighter said...

Tip O'Neil was right about that.

I have been active in local school board campaigns.... state representative,County Supervisor, Gubernatorial, and Sheriff's elections... some of them extremely nasty... as I am sure you know, there is nothing nastier than a local election.

painted maypole said...

so tell us... did he win?

(and I love how you are always out there, fighting. you go, girl!)

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

rock on you. We always campaign for our local people. The good news is OUR LOCAL PEOPLE ROCK! And win by landslides! :)

Brillig said...

Ahhh, yes. And in Utah, I get SO many choices for local government. Which narrow-minded, homophobic, racist millionaire Republican should I vote for this time? Wheeeee.

(Love your involvement, though. And I love what you're teaching your kids!)