Thursday, January 11, 2007

Powder before the protest

I've dragged my sons to a couple of rallies, generally to protest cuts in government programs. There are photos of them as 10 or 11 month olds wearing stickers on their hats showing support for the state Medicaid program.

What I haven't shown them is an AP photo of me from the Washington DC pro-choice rally in 1992. I'm clearly visible holding a blue "Keep Abortion Legal" sign. My mouth is wide open in mid-shout.

By then I was not a regular reader of fashion magazines. A friend called the house in New Orleans and told one of my housemates that there was a photo of me in a magazine. I wasn't home so he ran to the store and bought me a copy. He left it on my futon (don't laugh, you had one too) with a note:

How to powder before the protest, see page 36.

And that, my friends, is how I ended up in Glamour magazine.


Kate said...

Awesome! And when are we going to see this picture?????

chelle said...

That is so cool!!! You are officially my hero!

We have yet to have the opportunity to protest :( We are in a foreign country so hmmm not sure rallying against the government would be appropriate!

I totally want to some day though with the kids. Social conscious is so important!

I want to see the picture too!!!

sarala said...

Way to go mom. I love the picture too. You should frame it and put it on the wall for when your kids are teens and think you aren't cool at all.

jenn in holland said...

It's winding-my-way-through archives-day today.
Saw the photo. Loved the post.
Still own a futon.