Tuesday, January 09, 2007

HSM in my head

I'm not sure who to blame.

I've kept the wonderful world of Disney out of our lives (Beauty and the Beast and Mary Poppins don't count). I'm particularly horrified for what passes as music on the Disney radio station. What little I knew about High School Musical ensured my kids wouldn't hear it.

But I forgot about the school playground.

So when a friend (or at least I thought she was a friend) sent us her kids' favorite songs on a CD as a holiday greeting I was flattered. She had received our various birthday CDs for years and said those compilations were some of her kids' favorite discs. They in turn had been nagging her to make their own and specifically wanted us to have it. They even had songs from our CDs (Sweet Caroline and Fly Me to the Moon). There's Barbra singing Jingle Bells. Now my kids are learning "Love that dirty water."

And then there are these two songs from High School Musical, or HSM. One about being in this together (whatever this is) and keeping your head in the game (complete with squeaking sneaker sounds). Surprisingly my guys knew the songs. They claim other kids sing them on the playground. Alright, I can deal with the music.

Then the goddess truly conspired against me.

My brother's wife's cousin (got that?) works for a marketing company that promotes movies. She invited the boys to her office and let them walk into a room full of movie posters, promotional materials and DVDs.

She handed them High School Musical - the 2-DVD Remix. And we've watched it. Multiple times.

During the third viewing in four days I had an inspiration. The director-choreographer (really, watch the credits) must have made this to be fodder for a drag show. Seriously - who would come up with "Sharpe" as the Queen of the Drama club, or have the heroine writhe around on a school stairwell during her big emotive song if he didn't want it to be recreated by elegant men in high heels with better waists then most women? I have visions of Velveeta La Plauche returning to the stage.

Now I can barely contain myself. The kids can't figure out what is so funny.


chelle said...

HAHA that is awesome!
I have yet to suffer the woes of pre-teen Disney!

Ambassador said...

And YOU were there the very first night I won the title of Miss Glamouresse!! (What a night that was...)

One day soon, not this Mardi Gras, but soon...Velveeta will return. After all, when you're Velveeta, it's easy being cheesy! Love, your Ambassador

jenn in holland said...

Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! We too have been over run in this house by the strains of HSM and I am now actually looking forward to the next viewing with this image in mind.
So well put!

Jodi said...

yes, but I went to high school the concert and am going to high school musical the musical.

Amy Barry said...

AH-ha! Ok I found your first (maybe only flaw)- you are not a huge Disney fan. Ok. Yes - I am glad I do not have a daughter (yet) so the nausiating princess crap has not entered our house beyond copies of the original movies (my son loves snow white as much as lightning mcqueen) and I do still try to avoid toooo much character marketing aside from Thomas backpacks and shirts (not disney but close enough) and a few cars that are cars characters. BUT our family does LOVE the original movies and Disneyland itself. My son watches no TV but he sure does love his movies!

Buuuutttt...you do redeem yourself by allowing them to watch it anyway so I will forgive you. Not that you need to be forgiven by a total stranger. ;p