Monday, January 29, 2007




My window looks funny. I can't see out of it.

Yes, honey. That's ice. On the inside of your window. Do you see the temperature shown up here?


What does it read?


What's in front of the 13?

A line.

That's right. It is -13 right now.

And daddy is freaking out right now on this country highway that the engine doesn't freeze.

It didn't. And they got to play in lots of snow. As it fell. We rode in a two-horse open sleigh (through off the Jingle Bells reference) and swam in an (indoor) pool.

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Ambassador said...


That's beyond "boogers-freezing-cold"! I don't miss it, but I miss how lovely snow looks through a hotel room window!

Hope you took lots of gorgeous pics to share with us! Love ya! Your Ambassador